I heard you guys like crypto news, so I wrote a script to analyse the daily news sentiment for any given coin to help me understand what the media is pushing that day, as always I open sourced my code

After you guys reacted so overwhelmingly positive to my previous post, where I shared a bot that buys Bitcoin when Elon Musk Tweets about it, I decided to share the last project that I’m working on at the moment.

It’s a script that searches the web for cryptocurrency news, taking keywords as input and then passes those to a text sentiment API, analysing how many of the headlines are positive, neutral or negative.

I’m thinking about integrating this with an Exchange and testing the strategy out for a couple of weeks and then share my results.

Just like with the Elon bot, my logic is that if you catch the wave just as the news breaks, you can jump in early before everyone else does, well apart from everyone who already trades like this hahah.


Resources available below if you’re interested:

GitHub Repo: [](

Article and Guide: [](

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  1. I wonder how good this would be for trading in a bull run. It seems like sometimes bad news don’t matter, it just brings publicity. Same can be said about good news in a bear market.

    Either way, keep up the great work

  2. You’re going to end up developing an automated trading system as used in the stock market lmao. An automatic buy the rumor sell the news script.

    Interesting to see where this goes, keep it up!

  3. Wow you’re a god at churning out trading bots and open sourcing them.

    This is also an eye opener to anybody wanting to day trade, look how easy it is for people to create trading bots. This is what you’re competing with. That’s why I just buy and hold.

  4. I really hope the amazing work you donate to the crypto community lands you a sexy six-figure coding job. I’m also grateful to be able to learn from your code.

  5. holy wow i was thinking that something like this would really help in trading, i am no it expert but how do i run this on my computer, all i know are excel word and chrome

  6. I’m new to the crypto world and doing something like this was on my to do list, though I am not sure if I would have open sourced it. Nice work on it – I’ll play with it this week while I brush up on Python and GitHub. Thanks!

  7. Cool stuff man, you are great at this and im sure its nice to have a platform to share all your work where it gets appreciated aaaaand rewarded with sweet sweet moons as well

  8. That’s an interesting take on analysing sentiment. I’ve always used the Greed and Fear index but we don’t know the secret formula to how they get that number. They share the ratio but it’s all put together, so I think your script will be very handy!

    Thanks for sharing



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