I just got a sketchy text saying that I sent BTC. Is this a scam?

Specifically I got a text saying the following:

Dear [My Name]

You just sent 0.02BTC (0/12 confirmations) Please visit []( within 30 minutes if you need to cancel.

My Ledger account records no such transaction. WTF is this? Seems like a scam but how could they get my name and know I have a Ledger?

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  1. We have a lot of newcomers entering the Bitcoin space recently who are exploring different exchanges and such. Some users are developing a habit of asking if various random websites some complete stranger PM’d them is a scam or not. Sometimes these sites are completely unrelated to Bitcoin. This is not the purpose of r/Bitcoin.

    * Do not trust unsolicited messages telling you to check out some shady website.
    * Do not trust Discord randos telling you that you won a prize.
    * Do not trust anyone who promises guaranteed profits.
    * Do not trust website with unpronounceable domain names
    * Do not trust anyone claiming to give away free Bitcoin. (YouTube, Twitter, Discord)
    * Do not trust anyone claiming they will double however much Bitcoin you send them.
    * Do not trust ‘pretty girls’ on Tinder telling you about new investment opportunities.
    * **If you have to ask** if some sketchy website or special offer is a scam, **then it probably is.**

    You have to learn to think for yourselves. Recognize that there are many tricksters out there who will go to great lengths to separate you from your Bitcoin. Use your head and stay safe. If you send your Bitcoin to a scammer, it’s gone forever. There are no refunds!

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