I just rode Chromia to the Moon. And it was amazing!

This is my first time posting so please forgive me if this is not normal content. However, I just wanted to share my journey on my first crypto win.

I am not one invest huge amounts in cryptocurrency, but I have a strategy. I like investing in small coins during their worst performances. I liked the look of the Chromia coin and a few months ago, did a couple of small investments.

On the 22nd January, I bought 1,111 CHR @ £0.022 for £25, and on 20th February, bought another 1,500 CHR @ £0.045 for about £67.

Today, I had TradingView open and was watching how CHR was doing as it was starting to climb. I never intended to sell, but noticed over the week, it had seen a 440% increase in value. I realised that I just made £1k and was over the moon!

I was trying to figure out when to sell and was watching TradingView like a hawk. I decided not to get greedy and finally cashed out £1.1k to USDT. PROFIT!

Immediatley after, CHR dipped and hasn’t peaked since (yet).

I’m sure it’s the same for all NFT’s at the moment, but this was the only one I invested in.

Sorry if this is just a post about me showing off my small win, but this was amazing. The rush, the intensity, watching the market!

TLDR; I invested £90 into CHR and just cashed out £1.1k 🚀.

Proof: [](

**Edit 2**
I just put all that profit in VET. Wish me luck

**Edit 3**
My entire portfolio. Will be moving to Binance tonight to leverage bots for auto trading and shared portfilio for people who are interested.

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  1. Nice! I’m too afraid to cash out…

    Bought $40 worth a month ago and kinda forgot about it. Have had a good run these last couple of days as I hold mostly of VET, MATIC & BLZ, but something had exploded more… nice ROI on those 40 bucks.

  2. Good job, mate! That’s what you should do! DYOR, invest, get out when your target sum was fulfilled. Congrats!

    I hope you will reinvest some money in other coins, aren’t you?

  3. Glad you have had a good run with it. I bought it last year at 8c and DCA’d every time it dipped so my average is around 3c. The past week has been pretty awesome! I read up on it at the time I first bought in and always knew it had promise. Fingers crossed for $1+ in the next few weeks.



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