I listened to you guys: “Not your keys, not your coins!”, Finally withdrew my coins from Coinbaise but…

…it’s a pain, I finally got to the last step and I’m stuck there:

[See here](

I have no pending withdrawals/transactions

Soooo… what should I do next, to close it?

Edit to clarify: I don’t need to withdraw anything, I have no more coins there, **I just want to CLOSE the account**, but I’m stuck there on ‘Step 9’ (last step?)


**I WANT TO CLOSE COINBASE ACCOUNT but I’m [stuck here](**

(I have no balances, no coins, no pending transactions or withdrawals… no nothing! But they don’t let me close the account)

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  1. #DELETECOINBASE is essentially just saying delete the app, stop using them.

    If you want to close your account, you need to contact customer service, if I remember correctly.

    But maybe having that account, idle with a 0 balance, may be useful at some point in the future — like for emergency backup use or something.

  2. nice i removed mine from blockfi and miss out of the nice interests (i stake on eth which is half of my crypto, but havent used my wbtc yet)

    but i will add money regularly to crypto now as i believe it will become my main currency split with regular / fiat money

  3. Might I suggest not closing the account… You never know if you’ll need it in the future. It’s a smart idea to have more than one way in/out.

    At the very least… just use it for the free coins you get through those educational things.



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