I made a bare-bones cheat sheet for beginners who, if they are anything like I was, felt overwhelmed the first time landing at CoinMarketCap.

Anything that I didnt highlight and explain I considered relatively self-explanatory. My main goal was un-cluttering the information presented and breaking down the main fundamental aspects as simply as possible so the website doesnt feel as intimidating or confusing initially.

(I only mentioned Safepal wallet specifically as I made this for a friend who Im helping to get familiar with the space, and I set him up with that wallet)

Feel free to share this with somebody you think may benefit from it.

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  1. I like the Coinstats app. Presents basically all this info in a pretty easy to understand way and had widgets for iPhone. Good post tho, this will help lots of people.

  2. Eisten once said, *”If you can’t explain it* ***simply****, you don’t* ***understand*** *it* ***well*** *enough.”* You did just that.




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