I made a BTC adoption curve based on a marketing theory. Agree/Disagree?

I made a BTC adoption curve based on a marketing theory. Agree/Disagree?

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  1. Using subjective terminology that labels some people as “smart” and others as “thought they were smart” detracts from an otherwise a fair adaptation of the traditional product lifecycle curve to Bitcoin.

  2. You might be surprised when the laggards refuse to sell the real estate they have owned for decades for anything less than the corresponding increase in BTC price. If BTC price triples then so will real estate prices. If BTC price triples then so does rent. Where you gonna live? In a van down by the river? They might not be missing out after all, they might even be the ones getting the last laugh.

  3. The model does not properly account for the 5-6?billion unbanked persons in the global community that were never part of the heard to begin with—and therefore, cannot be sorted into categories of risk takers, early adopters, and laggards as those with access to modern financial services.

    It is the emerging technologies peripheral to Bitcoin that will provide the bridge to banking through Bitcoin that will empower those that do not meet the current regulatory framework of KYC and AML.

    When the human power of the global unbanked is added to the Bitcoin network, the character of the graph of the Bitcoin adoption rate will be hyperbolic. The term “parabolic” will seem like a long lost artefact of a forgotten time.

    A common theme of these adopters will be Bitcoin and fresh potable water, food, and education.

    Occasionally you might spot a beautiful happy family driving down the Sub Saharan Hwy in a Lambo, but it will be pulling a trailer carrying a water tank.

    Bitcoin will be adopted by the majority of humans because it has intrinsic value. That value is what Bitcoin is, a “moral force [because it assures] proper human morality in the economic realm through math and physics and disarms the immoral class from perpetrating their immorality” (Tomer Strolight, 2016.)

    In the end, Bitcoin comes down to six great ideas: Truth, Beauty, and Goodness; Justice, Equality, and Liberty.

    Good night Satoshi! Wherever you are.

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