I made a ranked choice voting app using Bitcoin Signed Messages: Hivemind

Hivemind is a Condorcet (ranked choice) voting app that uses Bitcoin Signed Messages to cryptographically sign the opinion of each participant. It stores all data on IPFS.

The app is intended to be used by small groups of people to make decisions together, such as friends, coworkers or familymembers to decide what restaurant to go to, which movie to watch or to pick a name for a new product for example.

Android version is now available on Google Play, iPhone version will follow soon

You can find more information here: [](

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  1. Sounds like a cool idea! Found an error on your page:

    “By counting the number of times an option wins and looses, a consensus score…”

    That should be “loses”.

  2. I think an interesting twist on this idea (and would encourage buying/holding!) would be a site that allowed for “voting your wallet”. Imagine a subreddit putting an issue to a vote where 80 people vote with let’s say 1.0 BTC each, but 3 whales vote with 30.0 BTC each. I cannot imagine the application, but for the first time you could ‘spend’ your stack without spending it.



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