I need your help. I received a big BTC “giveaway”, need to verify the validity of this website.

As the title says. received a discord message with a promo code telling me I won in a giveaway, As expected, I redeemed it on the website and the BTC appeared in my balance. Could not withdraw because I was not verified, which you guessed it- requires a deposit. The website is [](

This is some type of fraud right? The amount is too big to ignore so I have to at least double check.

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  1. Paying to get your winnings is 100% a scam, they will entice you with a small fee which will suddenly not be enough so you’ll have to pay a bigger fee which again won’t be just enough. They will then rinse and repeat for as long as you’re dumb enough to play along.

  2. Read about scams in the FAQ
    Don’t expect anybody here to tell you if your site is a scam
    There are dozens of similar posts every week
    The answer is always “maybe”

    > The amount is too big to ignore

    Scam victims are greedy and gullible. The big amount appeals to your greed



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