I recently shared with you a bot I coded that buys Bitcoin when Elon Musk tweets about it, and your response got it featured on Decrypt. You guys made me want to release an official application for it

Firstly I want to thank you all for the overwhelmingly positive response for my project, I am really humbled and grateful to be part of this community, you guys are awesome!

I am happy that the project inspired some of you to look for new and creative ways to make use of all the technologies available to us today and to improve of existing strategies. Many of you suggested some really good improvements to the bot and I am currently writing all the suggestions down in a plan to potentially release this as an application.

Here is a quick breakdown of what the bot does:

* It buys bitcoin if Elon talks positively about bitcoin on twitter
* It stops the loss at 5% and takes profit at 10%

And here are potential improvements based on your feedback:

* The bot should be able to work with multiple coins and keywords
* The bot should be able to follow multiple Twitter handles and ideally other websites too
* The bot should tweet the rocket emoji whenever it places a trade πŸš€
* It should be user-configurable and ideally come with an easy to navigate user interface.
* The bot ideally analyses the weight of the influence on the crypto market for each influencer chosen

Your input made motivated me to release an official application for this project, and if you’re comfortable with coding and would like to contribute drop me a message if you would like to collaborate on it!

If you have ideas on how the bot can improved leave them in the comments!

Here is the decrypt link: [](

The link to the official guide: [](

The GitHub Repo: [](


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  1. You’re taking this to the next level! Can you make it customizable? So that an user can type in the usernames of the people that they want to track etc? Also maybe to track the whole Twitter and see how many posts about bitcoin was there in the past hour and then buy if there’s more than X posts?

  2. **Correction…**

    it wasnt our response that got it featured on Decrypt…

    It was your hard work, epic talent and amazing idea and the great post you wrote. We simply responded because it was awesome.

    Dont go being humble on us now πŸ˜‰

  3. One day everyone is moaning about how Elon has too much sway on crypto and that his tweets are irresponsible, the next everyone is jizzing their pants for a bot that was made with the sole purpose of amplifying this exact effect πŸ˜‚

    Edit: Would also like to say that I think sharing this is the dumbest thing I’ve probably seen on this subreddit. Props to the dev for engineering it, but why share it? For a community that loves the idea of decentralisation and taking back the power from governments, this just supports giving unbelievable leverage to one of the most powerful, unpredictable and already leveraged people in the world.

    Still, its hilarious to watch.

  4. Gratz for the Decrypt article πŸ™‚ as I’ve already said, DM me if you want to work on something related.

    We could develop a Django app that uses this bot πŸ˜‰

  5. Doesn’t this just automate “pump and dump”? I congratulate you on your forward-thinking, but the SEC is backwards when it comes to the “little people” (aka “retail traders”) profiting the same way Wall St billionaires do.



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