I stumbled across “Martecs Law” which says one of the greatest challenges an organization faces in the 21st century is that technology changes at an exponential rate while organizations change at a logarithmic rate. This seems quite relevant to the current crypto environment and adoption.

[Source: Martecs Law](

This was an interesting quick read. Admittedly its not a perfect comparison (and appears to be an attempt to sell a book) but it still has relevance in my opinion.

To me it display the challenges which face organizations as crypto gains legitimacy and finds its place. Blockchain technology is disruptive IMO and many companies are going to be too slow to overcome their own slow progression and adapt to the exponential technological change that is occurring.

Others may be able to “reset” and jump forward by spinning off new avenues to utilize the technology and coming changes.

Nothing overly ground breaking here. Just interesting to me and helps display why adoption can be so slow and a challenge to organizations.

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  1. This drives a lot of the well-deserved praise for open-source projects to begin with. The only limiting factor to open-source development resources is collective interest, whereas companies are limited by the amount of developers they can afford to hire. This same principle allows open-source projects to converge on more optimum solutions, as it’s a naturally more democratic process between developers and users. Companies will always be limited by the bias of their small executive strategy team which is obviously prone to human error



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