I think it’s time to remind Hilary clinton just how oblivious she is to the words coming out of her own mouth. Article from 1992 about her husband’s administration leading to the 2008 financial crisis inside + a short manifesto.

**Forenote: I identify as a lefty as I believe in improving society as a whole, but Hilary was just absolutely clueless in her remarks about cryptocurrency.** – 2:59 for the time stamp… – her echoing similar

“Cryptocurrencies may destabilize the dollar.” hmmm… is that so? – this is the story where her husband’s administration enabled banks to give out predatory bank loans that eventually became the entire plot behind the film *The Big Short.* This, in turn, led to an entirely necessary initial bail-out package from the U.S. Government, and then a series of quantitative easing that I think would have come regardless of red or blue parties holding the white house and the senate.

Hilary: Your husband enabled destabilization of the dollar! The dollar itself will continue to destabilize! Do not be so oblivious! Please learn, at the very least, what bitcoin is as a store of value and how it functions and get your eyes off of money that comes from your campaign trails!

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  1. Hillary claiming that bitcoin is destabilizing the dollar is like blaming the titanic for sinking because it had life boats. The dollar is destabilizing because of poor monetary policy and bitcoin is the life boat that will save anyone willing to get on board.

  2. Crypto is to Finance what Marilyn Manson is to High School Shootings.

    An easy scapegoat to pin blame on when shit goes south, that most people will accept because they don’t really know what it is.

  3. She isn’t clueless. She is one of the few mainstream politicians that understand how powerful Bitcoin is and what it can do.

    Her main error is that she thinks it can be stopped.

    You also need to understand that she views the US’s neo-imperialism as a moral necessity. I believe most people here view it as evil.

  4. Fascinating how much people care about politics in this sub; vilify or champion some figures and identify with political parties. I’m here because we don’t need the whole lot of them, they’re all frauds and none of them serve a free open society.

  5. I am not sure clueless, is the right word, since she basically repeated all the same talking points this sub states as the benefits of Crypto. She just happens to see it as a negative instead of a positive being the enemy, so to speak. She basically reiterates that Crypto takes power away from the government, and decentralizes control of the financial system. Exactly what people in this sub say. People here see that as good, she sees it as bad, but I don;t see how she is clueless, in fact she is the most clued in of most politicians.

  6. Didn’t read your link but it was Bush Adminstration and HUD that allowed first time home buyers in without checking for resources to pay loans that started the ball down the hill..

  7. This is bullshit. The 1992 banking crisis and the Clinton administration’s response to it, have no relationship to the 2008 multi-level mortgage fraud

    If anything, the 2008 crisis was enabled by the Bush administration loosening regulation which was imposed after the dotcom crash

    And the 2008 crisis did not destabilize the dollar. It caused the longest period of near-zero inflation and near-zero interest rates in history, an extraordinary accidental positive benefit

    Not relevant to Bitcoin

  8. Y’all are giving this old bitch way too much attention. She holds no weight. I can promise you I don’t even bother reading to listening to what she says. She’s not important. But getting tired of every day seeing posts In this sub giving her attention.

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