I want to lose money for sure! Which crypto do I invest in and why?

Gentlemen (and women). I have a few euros (literally) sloshing on my account and since I am not a lucky man. I thought I would use a bit of reverse logic. Ie. Buy the worst crypto on Earth inspired by this classic scene from let it ride:

But in reverse.

So what crypto do you think is the absolutr worst and why!?

EDIT Doge 185% up. I am in boys. See it crash. Sorry.

EDIT 2: Aaaand we are down 30 % lol

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  1. Let me twist that idea around.

    Create your own ERC20 token.

    Give it a supply of 1 and call it MonoToken

    NFT the token and auction it.

    Market as “be the sole owner of this coin”


  2. I bought doge at 0.03,now it’s 0.3, I can now trade my doge to btc usdt or whatever and have made money or have I misunderstood something? Math not my strong side but I think that means I have made a few dollars

  3. Biggest loss potential right now is likely to be Doge or some other “popular” shitcoin, held long enough. More obscure stuff likely won’t fall proportionally as much because the bubble never got that big.

    That said, if you’re trying to reverse-logic make money, I’d set a plan for when you’re going to sell Doge – a sell limit even. Getting greedy is where you’ll really lose out on shitcoins. If you know it’s a pump and dump, you want to be out *before* the majority of people start selling.

  4. Don’t do this. Shit coins are most likely abandoned dead projects, and will not magically reverse except for when they are pumped and dumped. You’d better off spending those few Euros on cheap booze, and just enjoying the show.



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