I want to see it for myself, what’s really happening in El Salvador.

So, after decades of what I would describe as slow torture, seeing El Salvador (ES from now on) become what it still is for most of the world, for an expat living in North America but always hoping to maybe one day go back and do something good. It’s hard to describe. [The past presidents]( might give you a good idea of what someone living abroad, one of the [“dreamers”]( if you will.

Fast-forward to today and ES is in the news and the feel from most family and friends whom I’ve kept in touch is one of hope and excitement. Then there’s reddit and the internet. Like many of you here, I believe that bitcoin and more specifically crypto as a whole is the future. So, imagine the excitement at seeing all the good things happening in ES. Personally, I’ve been into crypto since 2017, so [the Bitcoin thing,]( for me, was the cherry on top. I told many people I talked to that the tourism alone from the news would be great for the country, and it has been. 

Now if I go over to r/elsalvador, and I base myself from what I’ve read since around the time the new president was elected, it’s not going well.  In fact, some outlets even claim he’s a dictator, an oppressor and there’s an ulterior motive behind all this. While I don’t blindly follow the guy since he [has done some wild shit]( I really don’t think helps his image I’ve seen, read and heard about changes, actual changes. If I base myself from what I’ve seen, there’s stuff moving down there, things are alive, tourists and investors are curious. I was there in 2019 not long after he won. I was there to visit family and take my kids to see where their old man was from. I was not there for any other reason than to vacation and see if there were any opportunities to invest in something worthwhile. I didn’t get a single negative comment at that time, yet the media, governments, reddit (outside r/bitcoin) were painting him as a bad dude all around. 

So, this time, I’m going there with a bit of a mission, I want to know and see for myself and speak to everyone that will give their opinion.

I’ve already set up a few meetings with people from different walks of life, doctors and vendors on the street. Factory workers and business owners, students and retired people. I really want to ask for their honest opinion and report back, because the stuff I read here are very many uneducated guesses, misinformed opinions, and angry people. It’s killing me, reading all kinds of different things everywhere. I see so many foreigners posting videos and praising different things, this can’t all be fake, can it? I see people taking bitcoin as payment on street corners, new developments, [international competitions.]( So, when I see people online saying this is not bringing anything beneficial, it blows my mind and either I’m blind and don’t understand or this is just another [move from higher powers to control crypto]( growth. I’ll keep you posted, and hopefully it all has a happy ending.  I wish you all much growth, both as individuals and financially. Do good.

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  1. It’s always different when you are actually there. I met people in Afghanistan and it changed my whole opinion about the REAL people of the country. Off subject I guess.

    But good luck. I hope it is all positive.

  2. It’s much cheaper to organize bots talking shit online, than people demonstrating on the ground. Largest anti-bitcoin protests there have drawn whopping crowds of few dozen people.

    No-one is against bukele as person or policy, or against Bitcoin. They are against the loss of power they suffered when he was voted in by the people. The people that give him some of the highest support % any world leader enjoys.

    All USA presidents and most of the world’s leaders as far back as people remember have been more dictatorial because they have less popular support.

  3. ” I believe that bitcoin and more specifically crypto as a whole is the future”


    #” I believe that bitcoin and more specifically BITCOIN as a whole is the future”

    There you go

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