I was trying to figure out the big banks’ view on the recent crash. Maaan – they really confused!

I was trying to figure out the big banks’ view on the recent crash. Maaan – they really confused!

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  1. I’m sure they change their ‘opinions’ often to gain where they can.

    On top of that, these are just headlines from third party websites. It seems that at the best these days headlines are misleading or out of context and at worst they are totally false.

    Not meaning to sound harsh, OP. My comment isn’t directed at you! It’s interesting to see how often they ‘change’ their viewpoint. Interesting findings!

  2. Yeah the whole point is to get banks out of our lives, but somehow most people on here still give af about the bank’s opinion.
    They have been confused since it started posing a real threat to their cash flow.
    I actually think it’s quite funny how we slap them in the face every time we transfer money out of banks and into crypto, basically we are saying they are not good enough at their job.

  3. This is just a good example of why you should never listen to these manipulative fucks. All you can do is look at their behaviours on a macro scale. Are they buying directly? Are they opening funds to let people buy? Are they recommending portfolio managers allow Btc? Are they buying shares in crypto exchanges or mining companies?

    On a longer time scale, fundamentals are what matters. Things like supply and demand, long term accumulation by old hodlers, increase in adoption and network effect, longevity of the asset. When BTC dipped from 28k, I was sweating but I never seriously considered selling because all the fundamentals made sense.

  4. It’s almost as if JP Morgan isn’t one person with one stance on an asset…

    and that people can change their mind given new information…

    Very strange indeed.

  5. Well, you can pick any topic in the world and find similar results by just googling major news sites. Clicks are all they care about. And selling ads to customers. They’ll have different view next week again.

  6. JP Morgan is a classic case of Bank spending too nmuch time fudding bitcoin and not enough buying it.

    Si they have to continue the FUD i order to lower their entry ticket.

  7. Of course, they do not understand. Nobody understands this. It’s new for every human in the world. they get asked and they answer as they think, not from knowledge obvious.

  8. For big orgs this analysis is mostly just marketing. If the sentiment is good they are likely long, if bad they are short or looking for an entry.

    The real truth though is (like us) they have no fucking idea. It’s very early technology, use cases are still being discovered and quantified, efficiency and sustainability is being tested and it is incredibly hard to sift the gems from the shit.



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