I woke up to this text from my Grandad, a retired financial advisor (and Bitcoin skeptic)

I woke up to this text from my Grandad, a retired financial advisor (and Bitcoin skeptic)

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  1. This is a real text I received this morning. A couple of things may look off, like the time, but there’s a large time zone difference between us. I’m in the US and he’s in the UK, so it was a normal waking hour for him. Then, that signature – he saw some period British movie on PBS years ago where a grandson called his grandad “dearest grandpapa”, and he jokingly instructed me to call him that afterwards. Ever since, he’s signed emails (and sometimes texts) this way. He’s got a good sense of humor.

  2. He’s not a skeptic. He’s just told you he doesn’t understand it. Why would you mislabel him?

    Tons of people don’t understand it, because for old school people, it’s difficult to understand. Some people in Bitcoin are more than just monetarily invested in Bitcoin, and they need to lose this childish us against them mentality. There are actual intellectual barriers to Bitcoin and the technological learning curve is also steep. I wouldn’t expect my dad to take it on, let alone my grandpa.

    Besides, the entire culture around Bitcoin reeks of a *get-rich-quick scheme* and responsible old school people looking after their family patrimony/retirement funds/college funds/trust funds are right to be cautious and spend their valuable time operating where they have experience. Your gramps doesn’t want do something that feels/looks a lot like playing with fire, and you should value that about him. He probably wouldn’t be where he is today if he was prone to playing with fire, which indirectly kind of means you wouldn’t either.

    Bitcoin is not for everyone. Now go give your gramps a hug, you’re lucky to still have one. Also, congratulations on all your success.

  3. This is a beautiful recognition of what you have achieved and not of respect from your grandfather. One needs to understand in these moments, the message is also not about you alone. It speaks of a man who has qualities in him which are something we all can learn. You might own back to your grandfather the respect one gets with a heart like that but don’t fool yourself has ages of experience of which if we are quiet, would love to pass on.

  4. Really surprised people think this didn’t happen lol? Wtf? Why wouldn’t this happen? Seems like a totally normal thing…maybe the people here never connected with others over shared interests



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