I wrote a post explaining ‘Bitcoin Maximalism’ and ‘Toxic Maximalism’. Opinions?

I wrote a post explaining ‘Bitcoin Maximalism’ and ‘Toxic Maximalism’. Opinions?

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  1. Nice work!

    > You are not a maxi to begin with. You become one as you learn and understand more. You can’t help it, you come to the inevitable conclusion eventually if you put in the time and energy to educate yourself by reading books and code, by listening to accomplished and well informed people. By actively participating in the network by running a node, working on a project, educating on the subject, or accepting Bitcoin at your business, etc.
    > You become a **Toxic Maximalist** when you realize the widespread distraction and scamming of a significant number of victims by altcoiners.

    I am a Toxic Maximalist.

  2. Great article – are you a maxi or toxic maxi?

    I am definitely a maximalist. I try not to be toxic here because most people just have a question they need answered or they are trying to better understand bitcoin. It’s hard not to get annoyed by the same questions over and over but answering them helps me refine my understanding and also possibly helps create a new maximalist.

  3. Too many “you” in the article so it looks cultish. It will be more informative/educative to quantify or try to quantify the tradeoffs around block chain tech. Say, a block chain allows raspberry with 5MB internet to be the mining node so that the cost for a government trying to identify and seize these nodes is high at 10b dollar. Then that decentralization is pointless if the 51% mining attack costs only at 1b dollar.

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