I wrote a script for harvesting maximum BAT. Directions in description. You’re welcome.

I wrote a script for harvesting maximum BAT.

**Code explanation**:

The script opens up a new tab every hour to a Brave Verified Creator website (set this to but can be whatever). It doesn’t do anything else. It appears that by opening a new tab in an hour you accumulate BAT. The BAT developers may have a way of blocking this. I’m not sure. We’ll find out in a month though!

**How to set it up:**

1. Take the script from below and paste it into a notepad file. Save it as ‘openTab.html’.
2. Go to the location of the openTab.html file. Right-click and open in Brave browser.
3. The code will start to run. However, Brave will block the site from auto-opening a tab. You have to allow pop-ups for the tab where the script is running. You also need to allow pop-ups for the site where the script redirects, again in this case

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. It’s working as expected on my machine making sweet sweet BAT.





*(function() {*

*const idleDurationSecs = 3600; // number of seconds in an hour*

*const redirectUrl = ‘*[******](*’; // opens tab to this URL*

*let passedTime; // variable to hold the passed time, do not modify*

*const resetTabCreate = function() {*

*if(passedTime) clearTimeout(passedTime);*

*passedTime = setInterval(() =>* [**](*(redirectUrl,’_blank’), idleDurationSecs * 1000);*







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  1. Will I earn enough BAT to pay for my time to close 12 tabs per day?

    But seriously, this is neat. As a coder, I appreciate it. Even if it’s an exploit. Exploits lead to better code and better projects. You get an award from me for figuring this one out!

  2. If you browse make sure you copy and paste the code from the new For some reason old messes up the formatting on one of the lines and will give you javascript errors.

  3. How do you know its working? I just created my .html file and it opens to a blank page. I’m assuming I can leave it up and eventually it will try to create a new tab that I will need to enable pop ups for.



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