I wrote a trading algo that buys BTC every time Peter Schiff Tweets


Since May, the algorithm would have executed 203 trades, achieving an annualized return of ~1000%. 65% of trades are profitable with a 3% average return.


Edit: The algorithm buys only when Peter tweets about Bitcoin🙂

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  1. My friends and I had a drinking game where we would take a shot every time Schiff tweeted about bitcoin, it was fun till Jimmy ended up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning.

  2. Schiff is a confusing fellow. He is a smart guy as it pertains to fiat. He’s obviously educated. He clearly does not understand BTC.

    If he spent a few hours learning BTC he’d say something different.

  3. This algo must be buying all the time lol. Seriously though Shiff seems to slam bitcoin the most during price spikes and then he gloats during dips so it probably averages out. Probably not the best algo but funny.

  4. This is super cool! How does one go about making an algorithm for buying bitcoin?

    Is there a programming interface with an exchange that you need to use?

    Just interested.

  5. How’s it work. Any of his tweets with the “bitcoin” keyword and the trading is weighted based on sentiment analysis? Add some of the other bitcoin FUDs in there to for a clearer signal. Have the code up on github?



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