IAGON to Conduct Its Anticipated Initial DEX Offering on and

IAGON to Conduct Its Anticipated Initial DEX Offering on and

[PRESS RELEASE – Oslo, Norway, 20th July 2021]

Iagon, the first decentralized big data platform designed to migrate to the Cardano ecosystem and powered by the IAG token, recently secured 3.4 million USD in its oversubscribed seed and private funding round. Now, it will take its next step by embarking on a multi-platform initial token sale, facilitated by and

By raising an additional 200k USD, through OccamFi and Tosdis, Iagon aims to secure the last bits of funding in order to further optimize its platform that is based on the model of a Platform-as-a-Service. In short, Iagon’s patented platform utilizes and distributes unused storage and processing power of network participants, at a fraction of the costs, while protecting files with a sophisticated security layer. Furthermore, Iagon’s protocol is able to carry out complex computational tasks and caters to artificial intelligence and machine learning operations in order to transform vast amounts of data and documentary control. By offering these services, the platform aims to obtain a significant market share of the multi-billion-dollar world of cloud computing.

As one of the biggest differentiators from their centralized competitors, Iagon’s decentralized platform seamlessly adheres to all data protection regulations, while still being compatible with existing cloud services, or as stated by Dr. Navjit Dhaliwal, CEO of Iagon, “The momentum in the cloud computing and blockchain market creates an immense number of opportunities in an ever-changing environment. Iagon aims to be the first decentralized cloud computing and storage platform to bridge decentralization with regulation, enabling us to target enterprise clients. In short, we intend to put a product in the market that will push boundaries and will force other businesses to question their current value proposition, especially concerning the use and protection of personal data. Our journey to achieve the highest quality possible was already recognized by our pilot projects (two enterprise projects and one academic project) as well as numerous well-reputed VC firms and Innovation Norway.”

Due to the nature of the project, the highly skilled and expanding team, and the trust of some of the most well-reputed VC firms, a wide variety of angel investors as well as Innovation Norway, the IAG public offering may be one that needs to be closely monitored.

The Initial Multi-Platform Offering

In order to stay through to the decentralized nature of the platform, Iagon will be hosting its initial offering, on July 26th, 2021, on two platforms, which were carefully selected in accordance with the value they can bring to the Iagon ecosystem, which was explained by Dr. Navjit Dhaliwal as follows: “Further strengthening our quest for delivering top-notch quality, we’re glad to join forces with Occam.Fi and Tosdis, which we see as launchpads that are willing to actively support high-quality projects, not only before and during the launch, but also afterwards.

We’re certain that the future looks bright and that these platforms will actively assist us to onboard as many people as possible to join our journey.” Both platforms will use the following specifics concerning the token sale:
Allocation amount – 100k USD (on each platform) or 2.5 million tokens (on each platform).

Price – 0.04 USD per IAG Token

Payment method – ETH

Deadline for application – July 23rd, 2021 (on both platforms)

More information – / (and their corresponding socials)

As previously mentioned, the IAG sale already gained a lot of attention from several communities as well as more mainstream media channels. Such enthusiasm also shows in the engagement of OccamFi through the words of its President Mark Berger, who announced the following: “Having satisfied OccamRazer’s stringent due diligence requirements and requirements to build for the good of the Cardano ecosystem, the Occam Association is delighted to welcome Iagon to our platform. Iagon’s vision for truly decentralized cloud computing infrastructure, and their relentless pursuit of developing real solutions for our interconnected world, is closely aligned with the wider vision and mission of the Cardano ecosystem.”

The same enthusiasm was brought to light by Tosdis, where its CEO, Mamoon Yousaf, said that: “We, as Tosdis Finance, aim to incubate high-quality projects that will bring value to the whole crypto and blockchain scene. We apply a tough, but fair, due diligence mechanism in order to pick these quality projects. Once we encountered Iagon, we immediately felt like this project is here to stay. The solutions it brings and the fact that it already possesses patented technology as well as a highly-skilled team. Furthermore, the fact that Iagon already gained additional support from some of the best investment funds and Innovation Norway, are a game changer, and we’re delighted they picked our platform!”

After taking its last steps before listing the token, and with fresh capital in hand, Iagon is set to become the first blockchain-based storage network based on the Cardano ecosystem, with an Ethereum deployment already implemented. However, it’s still up to Iagon to prove that the use cases are endless and that the future of big data and cloud computing will be facilitated by the decentralized web.


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