IBNO and Blockchain Ladies announce #BlockchainIsEqual Survey to address the gender gap phenomenon

IBNO and Blockchain Ladies announce #BlockchainIsEqual Survey to address the gender gap phenomenon


IBNO and Blockchain Ladies today announced the #BlockchainIsEqual survey project to address the phenomenon of gender inequality in the crypto world.

Today’s hyper-technological society has for years seen a significant gap in the presence of women accessing ICT professions.

The aim of this survey is to investigate this inequality in the specific context of an emerging technology that has seen its first application in the virtual currency called bitcoin, the reference is clearly to Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers.

The survey is accompanied by the hashtag: #BlockchainIsEqual. The meaning is quite intuitive: the Blockchain was born as an open, collaborative and democratic technology, by its very nature aspiring to be egalitarian and inclusive. The Blockchain is equal for all, regardless of gender or otherwise, and should not be distorted in its essence.

The survey aims to clarify the situation on the relationship between the ICT world and the female universe, with particular regard to the equal opportunities that the employment world grants and/or does not grant in this field. Data will be collected on the female population involved in the public, private and academic sector, both at the national and European level.

The data will provide an exact picture of the level of female employment in the Blockchain sphere, broken down by education, skills, professions, interests, choices and perceptions regarding the gender gap issue.

The data will be gathered and then collected by the National Observatory on Blockchain (IBNO) of the University of Naples Federico II and by the community of Blockchain Ladies and then made public in a report to be published soon, which is the first result of the partnership signed by the founder of the community, Dr. Caterina Ferrara, and the Italian Observatory. 

The report will be signed by Caterina Ferrara and by some of the Italian members of the community who are widely established in the technological context in question.

The report will provide a description of the job opportunities related to IT professions, the new professional figures and skills to work in the Blockchain sector and a reflection that looks at the future generations and the emerging phenomena around this technology. 

Caterina Ferrara of Blockchain Ladies explained:

“The survey is the tool we needed to structure an analysis methodology that would provide reliable data on the situation, on how women’s careers are progressing in the Blockchain sector in Italy and across Europe both in the companies involved in it, and in the academic and freelance worlds. It is our goal to understand how women are redeeming themselves through technology, and specifically by means of blockchain technology, as well as to identify the obstacles that women professionals may face in their relationships with clients, recruiters, companies and universities due to a phenomenon such as gender discrimination”.

To participate in the survey you have until 14 July. Take part in the survey here.

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