Ice Cube sues Robinhood: “Another get-rich-quick scheme”

Ice Cube has filed a lawsuit against the Robinhood trading app over a photo of the rapper that the app included in its “Robinhood Snacks” newsletter.

“Robinhood is simply another get-rich-quick scheme for the most privileged people in America. Robinhood flagrantly displays its belief that it is exempt from the rules and laws that govern everyone else in the United States.”

“Robinhood has picked on the wrong man this time,” the suit filed in a Northern California district court reads.

I can say what I want to say ain’t nothin’ to it

Robinhood made me do it.

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  1. RH used Cube’s image along with a play on words on his lyric “check yourself before you wreck yourself”. Now they face legal action telling them to check themselves before they wreck themselves.

    This won’t be what the sub wants to hear, but [the only legal opinion I’ve seen suggests that it’s unlikely Cube has much of a case](



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