ICX Price Prediction 2021-2022: Market Analysis and Opinions

ICX price prediction

What is ICON (ICX)? The ICON is a cryptocurrency network developed by a South Korean business in 2017. The linked cryptocurrency token or coin is known as ICX.

ICX Price Prediction: Introduction

In the era of AI-powered forecasting, making an ICX price prediction is no longer far-fetched. Overall, this ICON token price prediction takes technical analysis and fundamental analysis into account to determine the future value of ICX. The accurate prediction of crypto prices is something we often do with a greater degree of success.

At this time, the price of ICX, according to data curated by CoinMarketCap, is $1.85. With more than 670 million coins in circulation, the market cap of ICON is computed to be over $1.2 billion. That means ICON happens to be one of the cryptocurrencies that enjoy Unicorn status in the market.

ICON’s intense focus on the interoperability of blockchain and the strong commitment to building a network to facilitate the interaction of independent blockchains are key to its success. Right from the start, the startup’s ability to anticipate the future is its biggest value proposition. This strength is the central argument of this ICX price prediction.

ICX Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

ICON token price prediction anticipates ICX will make a pitstop at $0.6718 before ICX triggers a bull rally. That’s the ICX price prediction according to the technical analysis. ICX price has failed before to sustain an ascent that began in early July. This inability of the buyers led to a consolidation pattern with a bearish bias. While this descent might continue, it will set the stage for a new leg up.

Source: TradingView

The RSI confirms the ICX price prediction stacks up. The current momentum is bound to bounce off on the neutral line and head for oversold territory. From the chart above, the analysis is that the ICX price is currently seeing a bearish reaction off the $2 resistance level. This downswing is approaching the trough of the iceberg as the price action is coiling up for another bull season.

A failure to produce a sustained push above $2.7398 confirmed prices are headed for lower. At this time, ICX is moving to confirm the support level at $0.6718 and retest $0.3091. Although ICX price might test the support, the actions from the MACD and RSI confirm that the buyers are likely to make a comeback.

ICX price prediction
Source: TradingView

In such a case, ICON token price prediction will have enough buyer pressure to shatter the overhead barriers and produce a decisive daily close above $1.5. Doing so will allow ICON token to contest the March 2021 swing high at $3.7 and eventually make a stay above $3. This run-up will constitute almost an 80% advance from the average price of 2021.

While the situation might look grim for ICON token in the short term, a decisive daily close above $1.8 will validate the bullish thesis. As a result, the most likely ICX price prediction is a 35% crash to the immediate support barrier at $1.0677 before a strong bullish season.

ICX Price Prediction: Market Opinions

At the end of the day, every ICX price prediction is mostly speculative. The factors affecting the prices of ICON tokens are more complex. Therefore, it is worthwhile to consider the ICX price forecast for November – December given by industry experts and AI-powered, market-tested forecasting systems. Here is an ICX price forecast for the rest of the year.


WalletInvestor provides a rosy ICX price prediction in 2022. According to the ICX price forecast for the next year, the ICON token might hit $3.082 within one year. The crypto is projected to start off 2022 on a positive note at $2.2, which goes to show ICX might enjoy a bullish end to the year. The ICX price forecast for the rest of the year is bullish.


DigitalCoin is also optimistic about ICON token price prediction. The forecast system predicts ICX could be trading at $3.39 within a year. The math here points to a price target of $2.74 as the most likely ICX price forecast for November – December. The average ICX price forecast for the next year is $2.5, with good and bad trading days anticipated in equal measure. offers the most optimistic outlook on ICX price forecast for the next year or any other. The forecast systems project ICX price forecast for the rest of the year to be closer to $3. Based on this ICX price forecast for November – December 2021, the math adds up to hitting an all-time high of $50 by 2030. On a short-term timeframe, the ICON token price prediction is $5.


Gov.Capital floats a less optimistic ICX price forecast for November – December. That’s a high of $1.9619 as the ICX price forecast for the rest of the year. The ICX price forecast for the next year is a high of $2, but an average price of $1.7. This bearish ICX price forecast for the rest of the year projects low trading volumes to sustain any significant moves above $2 in 2022.


TradingBeasts ICX price forecast for November – December is a high of $2.5804 and a possible low of $1.8063. The analysis points to a poor start to 2022 with ICX price prediction at $1.8, and this amount, according to TradingBeasts, will be the average trading price of 2022. The ICON token prices will be trading close to this amount achieving only a high of $2.3 throughout the year.


The crypto trading experts at CapitalCoin also publish an ICX price forecast for the next year, in which the ICON token is expected to reach a high of $3.915 towards the end of the year. The ICX price forecast for November – December is around $2.151, which collaborates with the prediction that the ICON token will begin the climb towards the end of 2021. Besides, the ICX price forecast for the rest of the year is trading above $2 on average.

ICX Price Prediction: Cryptocurrency Experts

The future ICON token is a big deal, according to FinanceGoku. The ICX price prediction he proposes is capped on a four-year time frame but pinpoints multiple levels and price targets as ICON tokens climb to $45 in the next five years. The ICX price forecast for the next year will be confirmed by the end of year break above $2.1. Upon this confirmation, a trader can anticipate an average trading price of $3 with a possible test of $6 level.

Likewise, Toni_G21, a professional crypto technical analyst, points to the ICON token as looking very bullish for 2022 and beyond. The analyst maps an ICX price forecast for November – December that ends the 2021 trading period at $2.09. The 2022 season is projected to pick up ICON token prices from $2.6 as ICX price forecast for the rest of the year that will test and retest several key levels in an attempt to book a price at just above $4 before the end of 2022.

Latest News and Happenings Concerning ICX

ICON is one of the few blockchain startups that have all the qualities of leading the charge towards realizing a blockchain-powered future. The ICON project has a solid roadmap, plan to help communities communicate on decentralized platforms. The mission for blockchain interoperability is the central pillar that will support blockchain integration. Every ICX price prediction is riding on the realization of this goal

With the public eye shifting to blockchain-based systems, ICON is in an advantageous position to kick blockchain developments into high gear. Luckily, the South Korean government is also open to exploring blockchain’s potential. This commitment has added a firewall from any regulatory conflicts that have brought death to many promising blockchain startups. The ICON Token price prediction remains largely bullish even after threats of investigations into the ICON loop.

Just how ICON came to being is an incredible story of an agenda to push forward blockchain adoption. The roadmap highlights some of the plans for development to add efficiency to blockchain-based solutions that offer promising solutions to various industry-specific problems. Already, the Pohang University of Science and Technology adopted the BROOF system for certificate issuance services. The program entails digitizing the issuance process of diploma certificates.

One of the most notable developments from ICON is the ICONbet Dapp, which is based on the ICON protocol and designed for the gaming industry. It is a well-known fact that the gaming industry is a prime target for blockchain disruption, and so the ICON team has expressed excitement over the growth of ICONbet in a fast-paced industry. The system will process higher transactions volume at record time in gaming applications. Already, ICONbet has become a leading Dapp on the network. It offers a glimpse at a future where Dapps are the norm.

Given the scope of the project, high-profile collaborations are also in the makings. Recently, ICON announced an integration to Chainlink, one of the top oracle solutions for smart contracts and data interactions. The partnership is important because it allows users to access data from different blockchains from the ICON application. That means a user can make a transaction on one blockchain following the completion of another transaction on another blockchain. It will make it easier to develop De-Fi financial products. ICX will be in the middle of it all.

ICX Price Prediction: The Verdict

ICON token is one of the world’s most promising projects, which makes ICX price prediction more intriguing. Unlike most big-name cryptocurrencies, the ICON token does not market itself as a disruptor but projects geared towards seamless integration of blockchain into everyday life.

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