Idea to remember your seed phrase

All the words used in the BIP39 standard for seed phrases are here:

Just find the corresponding number to your seedwords and remember that string of numbers. You might find in there your DOB, or a memorable date or hell even a phone number.

Now anytime you forget the seed phrase just remember the number string and refer back to the BIP39 standard.

What do you think? Is this a good way?

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  1. Committing your seed phrase or large number stream to memory is a guaranteed way to eventually make your crypto assets unrecoverable. There is a huge amount of cognitive psychological research that says memories are not reliable over time.

  2. For most people, numbers are harder than words. One of the purposes of BIP39 is for users to use something more natural to them. What you propose is the opposite of the endeavor. Technically speaking, it will work. But most people wouldn’t benefit from it. If you are a number person, go for it.

    If you do take this approach, beware that the language of the words matters. If you are not a native English speaker, you need to also remember the language.

  3. We need more than just our own memory. If you have a spouse or children, the phrase needs to be accessible to them for recovery “just in case.” This means documentation is required.

    Documentation isn’t limited to writing out the words in plain sight.

    You could write a story where the first word in each paragraph is part of the seed (in order of course).

    You could create a spreadsheet with a table of numbers disguised as something else, and where a simple formulaic solution will decode them into characters, which in turn form the seed words.

    With these ideas, you just have to teach family members how to use the “coded” information to derive the seed.

  4. Now that this idea has been shot down here is a better one. Say a seed phrase has 24 words. That makes 8 groups of 3 words each.

    Go to What3Words – a service that locates every part of the globe into a 3mX3m square using three words.

    Use your seed phrase to generate 8 addresses or locations on the map. Now sign in to your favourite map service and save these 8 locations.

    Tell your family how to reverse it – go to the location -> put in on What3Words -> Check the 3 words. Then the next 3 etc.

    In this way your seed is hidden on the globe at 8 different locations.

    Make sure you have a way to sequence these 8 locations.

    How about that? 🙂

What do you think?

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