If a particular country created Bitcoin, and secretly holds most of the coins themselves, at what point would they reveal this and what would happen?

This question came to me after reading this:

> Less than 2% of the anonymous ownership accounts that can be tracked on Bitcoin’s blockchain control 95% of the digital asset, according to researcher Flipside Crypto.


I’m interested in both serious and creative replies. This really does seem like something out of a thriller book.

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  1. I don’t pay bloomberg for news so I can’t read this particular article to discuss it in depth, but I think a smart country would not divulge that information until…. Well, ever. If hyperbitcoinization occurs it will be beneficial to quietly stay out of the way while the rest of the world consumes itself in the chaos. Come out as the top dog when the dust settles.

  2. Here is a serious one, why don’t you go do your own research. Folks any interesting in winning you over with your couple of hundred bucks in and investment and putting time into your trolling this site. You want help with Bitcoin, real research, reach out but don’t waste folks time.’



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