If a person has no knowledge of Bitcoin, then what course should they opt for first, Bitcoin mining or Bitcoin trading?

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bitcoins are believed as the future money for every transaction. so nothing goes wrong by learning about that.

first, let’s have a [basic knowledge]( about what is bitcoin mining and bitcoin trading.

Bitcoin mining:

[Bitcoin Mining](

these two points make you remember the concept –

1.everyone must have heard of gold mining, which goes like a person digs until he gets gold in hand. 2. other is maintaining the ledger of every transaction.

thus bitcoin mining helps you get bitcoin as a token of credit for your work. concept of work is simple, which is finding the bitcoin transaction and recording it in the blockchain, which is a public record. But doing this is not very simple, for this, you need either GPU or ASIC in order to solve complex hashing puzzles.


[Trading Graph](

Bitcoin trading is simple, either buy or sell bitcoin by considering the fluctuation of the market.
on the other hand, money plays a role. the cost to mine Bitcoin for miners can range between $5,000 and $8,500. you can invest $1 in bitcoin but depending on the exchange the fee may vary from $0.01 to $0.99 for a minimum $1.99 purchase.
before getting into the [course on bitcoin trading]( or bitcoin mining gain some basic knowledge. then you’ll understand easily. Choose wisely.

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  1. neither. just buy some bitcoin if you’re a noob.

    very few people are good at trading. and very few are capable of running a mining business profitably. so most people should just buy and hold.

  2. Neither. Bitcoin mining isn’t feasible for most people, and Bitcoin daytrading is not advisable (you’re not likely to earn a return higher than holding due to fees & taxes). Instead, just learn about the underlying technology and learn how to buy, sell, and store bitcoin.



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