If you have more than 1 BTC, you are in the top 1.73% of Hodlers

If you have more than 1 BTC, you are in the top 1.73% of Hodlers

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  1. No, from that source you are in the top ~2.11%.

    1.73% + 0.34% + 0.036% + 0.0054% + 0.00021% + 0.0000078% = ~2.11%

    That is also assuming that investors keep all their bitcoin in the same address, which of course isn’t the case.

  2. You think whole coiners are rare now; give it another decade. People used to talk about the 1 million club (21btc) as the goal back in 2014 costing around $4k to join.

  3. People have BTC spread across multiple addresses. You shouldn’t use the same address every time for privacy reasons.

    Your conclusion is based off of bad logic and it is virtually impossible to know what addresses belong to whom and how many addresses those people have

  4. If you have an address with more than 1 btc, that address is in the top 1.73% of addresses

    People can have multiple addresses with multiple bitcoin split between them. Your title is incorrect.

  5. No, actually it doesn’t mean that. All it says is that the addresses holding between 1 – 10 Bitcoin represent 1.73% of the total addresses. That’s all it says, nothing more.

  6. Genuine question. I’m investing in Bitcoin because through quantitative easing and other money printing my fiat earnings lose their purchasing power. With Bitcoin the store of value is not lost as much over a long period of time even though Bitcoin is more volatile.

    However based on the data presented here it looks like 0.40% of accounts own 81% of Bitcoin. Is there a chance we are just substituting our fiat overlords for Bitcoin overlords? What will that world look like? Bitcoin seemed like a more fairer alternative to fiat for the general population. But with such a high consolidation of BTC wealth in the hands of few, I’m worried that nothing will change in terms of global wealth inequality.

  7. It seems this number continues to increase. At one point it seemed like I read over and over that if you had ~.28 BTC you were in the upper 1%. Now its over 1 BTC. Just like current financial system, the BTC security dream will forever elude most people.

  8. Someone gave me around 2 btc for my birthday when that was like $25, I stored it in an app on my phone thinking I’d figure out what to do with it later.

    Two weeks later my grandmother decides to give me a belated birthday gift of a brand new phone.

    Got the data swapped right in the store. But of course the app data does not transfer. Lost 2 btc in only 2 weeks.

    At the time was like “ oh well it’s only like half the price of a video game”

  9. How would this be calculated for those who keep coins in coinbase robinhood kucoin or voyager instead of their own wallet.
    Taking example of robinhood I think they have one or more wallets that hold all users btc together. So that would mostly obscure the data, I believe.

  10. One person can have multiple wallets. One wallet can have multiple owners (think about exchanges, ETFs, etc). The absolute number of addresses doesn’t really tell us anything. I mean 40M addresses can mean 20M bitcoin owners but it could mean 200M bitcoin owners as well.

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