If you liked MIT´s blockchain lectures, this website has free (for certain amount of time) courses on blockchain by Berkeley, Linux and Hong Kong University.

If you want to expand your knowledge on blockchain, here are some great courses. Some of them easier to understand.


You can a free create account to access them for a couple of months for free or you can upgrade to receive a certificate and full access.

Also, there are some great non blockchain related content from prestigious universities.

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  1. edX is a great platform for this kind of stuff because it lets you explore the material at your own pace (for most of the courses, at least). It’s great that more educational stuff is popping up as adoption rises.

  2. I encourage anyone that is on the fence about these to just sign up for the course and play the lectures in the background (similar to how you would a podcast or audiobook). Even if you’re not actively participating in the course material, I’ve still found it helpful to passively listen to these while I go about my day

  3. MIT’s Silvio Micali is the brainchild behind Algorand. I’ve said this before, if MIT is getting behind blockchain tech ,we are backing the right horse and this is a venture that the world will get behind sooner or later. Keep pushing forward



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