If you need a new SSD/HDD, buy it now!

So CHIA just released to mainnet and got listed to [coingecko]( and CMC. CHIA uses Proof of Stake and Time, which basically means that you lend your Storage space to the network and get rewarded.

According to the [Chia Network-explorer]( 1TB of Storage will give you 0.0051 CHIA a DAY. This is at the current price (which may fall or rise) 3,5$ a day per TB storage. If you serach for HDD prices, you will quickly see, that at current prices the ROI for HDD isn’t even 2 Weeks. Of course you also have to buy SSD that you burn through rather quickly, but the ROI even after SSD burning will not even be a month. **1 month ROI.** If the price and CHIA per day and TB stays somewhat stable, the SSD and HDD market is **fucked**. Just like the GPU market, maybe even worse. Who knows. Just a heads up guys.

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  1. if the price per coin was higher and the network space was smaller, then I would agree. But since the odds of winning any XCH became ridiculously impossible, then the fears of ssd shortages have evaporated. If the price rises back above $1500/ coin, then we’ll see a run on drives/cpu/and ram.



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