If you think IRON losing its peg is bad you have seen nothing yet, THETER Fiasco is coming.

Use DAI or USDC – that’s financial advise.

Holding, borrowing, lending Tether is irresponsible at this point.

Putting some interesting links concerning Tether below.



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  1. I’ve been saying the same thing for a while. Not all stablecoins are created equal. Tether is worse than a bank, printing as much as they want without regulation, and also freezing and burning coins at will. They have lots of controversy surrounding them, and a lot of sketchy exchanges shill tether exchange pairs like it’s anything

  2. A quick question:
    If lets say one put dai in aave and borrows tether and then uses that tether for farming farm tokens, exchanges farn token with dai. And since aave-polygon is paying you to borrow tether and something eventually happens to this shady stable coin ( lets say it dumps) then we wouldnt have to return anything( or very less in terms of dai) ending up with shear profit OR we just end up imploding other stable coins due to this?
    Ps: me a noob trying to understand this crazy sphere of defi

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