If you’re interested in a decentralized network that can reduce lag and make “smart routing” possible – something like a “GPS unit” for your data – this may be for you.

Out of all the various projects and companies out there right now, this is one of the most interesting and, possibly, revolutionary from my experiences.

When a “killer app” is being talked about for blockchain/DLT, a tall-order for sure, this very well may be it.

The company/project working on this sort of “smart routing” technology is SyntropyNet or the [Syntropy Network.]( The namesake represents the opposite of [“entropy.”]( You can read more about “syntropy” itself [here]( in the Wikipedia entry for “negentropy.” As a fun aside, Buckminster Fuller of [“buckyball”]( fame was a big fan of the term syntropy.

You can learn more about the software and stack behind the Syntropy Network at [this]( link.

Without getting too much into all the ins and outs of the team’s work with other companies, Syntropy is working closely with [Microsoft,]( while currently being active on the [Azure Marketplace.]( Additionally, [Oracle]( and Cisco have team members working with the software and alongside.

There’s also integration of the software with Minecraft, Counter Strike, Ethereum, Chainlink, Polkadot, and Elrond.

Much of the technology – the “smart routing” and “GPS unit” – rests on [Segmented Routing]( and the proprietary software development known as [Decentralized Autonomous Routing Protocol (DARP)]( which is described as software that is able to “understand and analyze the internet’s pathways.”

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) [included]( Syntropy (previously NOIA Network) in work around SRv6 (segmented routing) as part of the working group and finalization for the broader, more basic, foundational levels of internet infrastructure. You can read the official IETF publication [here](

Tomorrow is a big day for Syntropy, as [DARP]( is being opened to the public and will enable the aforementioned smart-routing to be made possible through the revolutionary development and technology that is “blockchain” and *the grander decentralization* that has been made possible through it.

>Syntropy Stack is a collection of tools and libraries to seamlessly create, automate, scale, and optimize encrypted connections between any device or service running on a cloud, on-premise, or edge locations.

For a little more reading, perhaps, there’s a good [article](—4——2———————–) here that can provide anyone with a little more broad information on what’s happening.

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