If you’re like me and trying to consume as much Bitcoin knowledge as possible, I highly recommend MIT OpenCourseWare on YouTube. Taught by Gary Gensler, the nominee to head up the SEC. I can’t believe this is free! 🚀

If you’re like me and trying to consume as much Bitcoin knowledge as possible, I highly recommend MIT OpenCourseWare on YouTube. Taught by Gary Gensler, the nominee to head up the SEC. I can’t believe this is free! 🚀

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  1. Another upvote, started watching this series today, and on the third class. The class is from 2018 but lays down the basics step by step even for those of us who are interested lay persons without an in depth finance or computer science background. (I understand about 40% of it but I’m paying maybe 35% attention so that’s 14% knowledge penetration and I’m learning a lot.)

    Gary Gensler is clearly clearly an expert and I’m glad he’s back in the administration. Anyone in the SF bitcoin meetup that can invite him to come and speak, I’d like to hear an update on his ideas about bitcoin, and rules around SPACs, ICOs, and other somewhat dodgy investment vehicles. (Not to put bitcoin in that category.)

    (Edit: ty for the award, I was trying to sound quantitative.)

  2. The readings are absolutely key. I highly recommend this resource if you’re able to read the suggested materials before each lecture. You will learn a lot from the readings and the lectures will be more enjoyable if you approach it this way. I do not recommend this resource if you’re going to simply binge watch the lectures. The lectures are interesting discussions that probably shouldn’t be relied upon as an efficient learning resource on their own.

    EDIT: The readings can be found on the open courseware website –

  3. It is absolutely enlightening to listen to these lectures and conversations. I have been slowly making my way through them. It has been so helpful for me determining if i believed in crypto because of hype, or because i think it could be the future. I was blinded by hype in some aspects but it did solidify for me that blockchain and decentralization will be an enormous part of the future of finance, and potentially much more.

    It is also very exciting that Gary Gensler is going to be heading up the SEC. What we need is intelligent and progressive thought leaders in charge to create regulation that makes sense for this industry.

  4. If you understand that blockchain and crypto are moving us out of the internet of information and into the internet of value, you’ll be less astounded that the information is free 😉

  5. What’s the best exchange to buy? For a while I thought binance was consensus, now I’m thanking my lucky stars I haven’t been approved yet in the ID verification stage based on all the horror stories I keep reading over on r/binance and even on coinbase pro. It seems like such a leap of faith to send fiat currency into these markets that are not based in the U.S.A., or are these posts outliers and I’m being an alarmist?

  6. I would be very wary of expert opinion is a trend towards a type of tyranny of the Mind.

    This is a new technology very few people can truly consider themselves an expert even if you understand the underlying coding process you’re likely going to under appreciate the social and economic appreciations which are just as important.

    There is absolutely a need to question everything… forget about answers because we are talking about complex systems which Trend towards chaotic outcomes unexpected outcome and emergent properties.

    Focus on the good questions:

    What does blockchain technology really do after all of this experimentation?

    Is there a successful implementation of this technology?

    Which implementation of this technology has achieved market dominance?

    Why is a stable and secure simple Network that is extensible preferable over a complex codebase Turing complete mess?

  7. I highly don’t recommend it. It’s very under-beginner level for college students. Mostly a discussion style lecture.

    **The ratio of time spent/information gained is extremely low in this course.** I watched it whole.

    There are better sources for learning about bitcoin on youtube.

  8. Do you really think this guy is gonna be good for crypto? He might just ‘regulate the hell out of it’

    >”Should he be confirmed, Gensler will shape crypto policy over the next several years, though it’s an open question if the industry will love the rules he implements. Under his tenure, the CFTC approved _nearly 70 rules or pieces of guidance, and he may just regulate the hell out of crypto_. He told the Senate Banking Committee he intends to continue focusing on consumer protection at the SEC. ”




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