I’m a Simple Guy. No Smarter Than the Average Person. That’s Why I Buy, and HODL Bitcoin. Bitcoin is accessible to everyone and requires no special skills. Just trust in its revolution.

I’m a Simple Guy. No Smarter Than the Average Person. That’s Why I Buy, and HODL Bitcoin. Bitcoin is accessible to everyone and requires no special skills. Just trust in its revolution.

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  1. tldr; Bitcoin is a free market where anyone can find the equilibrium price of Bitcoin at any time. With Bitcoin, the rules of the game are known in advance and are enforced on every transaction by the Bitcoin network nodes. Bitcoin is a fairer system that will help build a better world for everyone. It’s a system that gives you peace of mind once you’ve taken possession of private keys to your BTC.

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  2. True, Bitcoin is true Financial Freedom. but today’s crypto exchange make them casino. Soul of the Bitcoin, to remove middleman and avoid recent exchange type of bankruptcy of middle man. I am bitcoin believer for P2P . I am very happy that this type of middle went out of the business. They are literally killing the Bitcoin soul. This crypto winter will eliminate bogus Player from the Market. In long term view , this development is good in crypto world . It is blessing in disguise..

  3. Same, someone a lot smarter than me could comfortably and confidently spend an hour explaining/discussing/debating/defending bitcoin to anyone, whether the person they are talking to understands economics or has zero knowledge or understanding of economics. Me, or the “average guy” just can’t do it, even if our understanding of bitcoin is amazing that doesn’t necessarily mean you have the ability or patience to discuss/debate the topic in any serious way.

    The most simplified and dumbed down argument for bitcoin I can muster is that for the first time ever their exists a currency that has a fixed supply. That simple sentence and the implications of it means a lot to me because I have some understanding of inflation, I understand and have seen the charts that show the impact that inflation and increase of money supply and the resulting devaluation of the currency has on the world and has on the buying power and living standards of the population.

    The problem is that 99% of people do not have that sort of base layer understanding of inflation and its effects, so explaining to them that bitcoin has a fixed supply means absolutely nothing to them.

    It sucks, and I sometimes feel selfish, but I keep my “discovery” of bitcoin to myself, I just don’t have the ability or confidence to convince the people around me.

    I do drop bread crumbs though and see how my colleagues respond, for example I explained how I’d read that the current inflation we are seeing is a result of all the money printing during the pandemic, and how (in the UK) the government is attempting to help people cope with this inflation by printing even more money and giving out £700 to most people. They quickly understood the issue and laughed at the absurdity of the situation/logic of printing more money to deal with the consequences of printing more money.

    The sad truth is that the average working class guy has literally zero understanding, my colleague is a year away from paying off his mortgage, and also just received £10k+ plus from his ageing father. He gleefully showed me how he only had something like £6k left on his mortgage, and how in a years time rather than paying his mortgage that £500ish per month will instead be put into a savings account. That is an example of someone who is extremely frugal doing the smartest and most boring/safest thing he can think of, completely oblivious to the reality that his savings, his sacrifice, his time/effort/energy is going to quickly melt away in purchasing power due to reckless and endless money printing.

    My parents paid off their mortgage after 15 years of working full time jobs they hated, and with all the extra money they now have from not paying a mortgage they enjoy themselves with home improvements, vacations, weekends away etc. etc.

    If you compare my colleague with my parents then my parents are overindulgent and careless with their spending, yet I bet if we fast forward 5–10 years the gap between my parents and my colleague who is frugal/sensible/boring won’t be massive. The benefits that my colleague’s sacrifices “should” have will have been stolen from him, without him even knowing or realising

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