I’m an expert!

I’m an expert!

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  1. This means you can buy even cheaper now than before. And sell at whatever your exit goal is. I am happy I have another opportunity to buy. My only decision is not if, it is how much.

  2. When ETH was $300, I told myself I’d sell at $1200. Then at $1200 I said I’d sell at $2000. Then at $2000 I said “hang on, let me see what it does” and it immediately crashed to $1500 where I sold.

    If I told $300 ETH me that I sold at $1500 I’d be over the moon, but now I feel like shit missing out on 25% of my portfolio.

  3. I must say, it is really frustrating to see Eth’s price being so… volatile. I bought at 1500 thinking it was definitely it’s resistance point but definitely likes playing games with me lmao

    *Ooooh crypto crypto! Why so crypto :(*

  4. This is a great opportunity to buy eth below its previous ATH! The eth/btc ratio has been getting unreasonably rekt recently, and my guess is it’s bound to recover soon.

    But idk prices can go up or down



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