I’m trying to educate myself about pros and cons of hardware wallets.

Is Trezor app safe? [](

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  1. The biggest drawback to hardware wallets is that your customer information is stored with the company. If their database gets leaked (e.g. the Ledger leak) it allows a hacker to try and phish you for your recovery seeds. As long as you don’t fall for any fake email trying to get your seed, than you should be safe. Just remember, never give your seed to anyone, even if Trezor asks you for it.

    I personally use a cold software wallet that is generated offline on a bootable Linux USB. A watch only wallet is used to monitor my cold storage with online devices like my phone. This way is more technically challenging, but very secure. Hardware wallets are just easier.

  2. There is *no such thing* as a “Trezor app”.

    There is only their hardware wallet (and it is safe) and an accompanying desktop suite (or a web-based portal) to handle the boring parts of the necessary networking and to display a nice GUI for that. No smartphone support, that’s the WHOLE POINT of a hardware wallet!

    I don’t know what that guy was thinking. I sympathise but what he did was simply ludicrous.

    I agree that Apple is partially to blame for this as it would have been a very easy matter for them to simply doublecheck with Trezor.



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