I’m trying to figure out if I’m getting scammed or not, I’m new to crypto

I got a message of discord saying that I won a raffle for some bitcoin with a promo code and a link to a site []( and I had .3 bitcoin after using the promo code, I was going to try to send a small amount to a friend of mines wallet, but it wouldn’t let me do so saying I needed to make a deposit of .01 into my account before I’m allowed to withdraw money to other wallets. .01 seems a little high and I can’t tell if I’m being suckered into depositing money into a website that may not even be legitimate and not knowing if I’ll even be able to pull my bitcoin back out of the wallet, and on another note I still trying to figure out if the bitcoin i’m seeing is even real or not or just some elaborate scheme. Any advice would help, I’d hate for this to be real and I never took advantage of it

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