Impact Of HuDo NFT In The Real World

Impact Of HuDo NFT In The Real World

Dogs mean so many things to so many humans. They can be anything from playmate and helper to worker and protector, and everything in between.

If you walk on the street, you will see many dogs are looking at you with empty stomachs and they look very ill and dirty, that is because there is no one to take care of those dogs. We have many NGOs for the dogs but that is not enough to take care of all the dogs in the world and few of the NGOs do not get the financial support from the community to serve the purpose and provide a better life for the street dogs. We are here to support those NGOs who need funds to serve the purpose. HuDo is going to share 10% from our royalties earned from the HuDo collection to the NGOs every month.

The early supporters  are increasing on Twitter and Discord and they are showing much support for the project. And the HuDo team thanks each individual member of the community.

Minting event will be live on december 2021 as planned. Please join this community to fulfill the dreams of underprivileged dogs to have a better life.

HuDo is a collection of 8,888 NFTs — unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Dogs on earth have evolved to become human on earth, after most of the humans left earth to live on mars.

Each HuDo is uniquely designed to represent the variation of each breed evolved over the years.

More than 50% of the royalties earned by this collection will be rewarded to the community members and NGOs every month.

  1. Our Grand Winner will get 10% from the royalties have been earned and it’s totally based on Lucky Draw
  2. Top 20 Buyers will get 20% (each) from the royalties have been earned and it’s Reserved
  3. 10% will be rewarded to 10 HuDo’s Owners and it’s completely based on Lucky Draw
  4. 10% for the welfare of the animals to NGO, Child and other social NGOs

Example Of Reward System

Consider the rank in top 10 with 50000 ETH monthly volume and ETH price $4000.

 If we reach the top 10 ranking by volume for a month – usually as per the recent data the monthly volume will be around 50000 ETH.

Now the 5% of 50000 ETH is 2500 ETH. (5% will be the royalties of the HuDo Collection)

1 Grand Winner 10% of 2500 = 250 ETH around (250 X4000)   $ 1000000

20 Top Buyer 20% 2500 = 500 ETH ,  25 ETH for each member (25 X 4000)  $100000

10 Winner for ownership 10% of 2500 = 250 ETH , 25 ETH for each member (25 X 4000)  $100000

To know more about the project please follow the links below.

Website –

Twitter –

Discord –

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