in 2024 we will have the Halvening & this guy wil be back pushing for lower interest rates. If you can hold until 2024 you are gonna make it

in 2024 we will have the Halvening & this guy wil be back pushing for lower interest rates. If you can hold until 2024 you are gonna make it

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  1. LMAO. He was for higher interest rates (see 2016 tweet when accused Yellen and Obama for “artificially” lowered rates. He gets in office with a lower yield on the 10 year and then is immediately for lower interest rates.

    Then comes Johnny here stating he wants more quanative easing to lower interest rates when inflation is sky high.

    This Trump experience is a joke that never fucking ends.

  2. Another thing…and I hate to get political..but for years Russia has tried to help the republicans win elections…and there is obviously something personal between Putin and the Bidens due to their involvement in Ukraine.

    I do think part of what Putin is doing now is in response to the Democrats winning the last election.

    So I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Ukraine war go on until the next election.

    And in the mean time Putin is helping to tank the world economy with supply chain issues and food storages and helping to tank stock markets.

    The American public will blame the Democrats for all of this, which will help the Republicans back in power and an uneasy truce with Russia will be done.

    The Republicans seem to be more pro bitcoin as well.

    So add all that to the halving and ongoing adoption and I think end of 2024 and 25 will be boon years.

    Just my theory.
    I’m not American so I don’t have a horse in the race politically speaking.

  3. This guy is Putins buddy and a property speculator with a LOT of debt.

    If you want USD inflation at 20%+ and the USD to lose global reserve status then this guy is your hero and you are a fool.

  4. I’ll take mean tweets over this current walking corpse any day. Most of the people who didnt like him was because he reminded them of a tough parent (from back in the day) and most people now cant stand being told the hard truth.

  5. Anyone notice the Trump detractors don’t seem to be able to voice a specific objection to the man? Just that he is literally Hitler (in a symbolic sort of way)?

  6. Sure let’s give the economy/ consumer some more red bull and coke to see what happens the second time around. Need to get rates back up to 4-5% to sort this shit out

  7. LMAO at all the Trump haters. The hate you have for the guy was from the lies against him being a Russian agent. It’s ironic that the whole Clinton team is in the process of going to jail for their lies against orange man. Have u not been paying attention to John Durham? At least under orange man the economy was operating.

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