In December NFL offensive tackle, Russell Okung, asked for half of his salary in BTC. That half is now worth more than his entire salary.

Okung asked for half of his $13 million contract for 2020 to be paid in Bitcoin, and the Carolina Panthers were able to make it happen. Here’s some quotes from the article. Sauce at the bottom.

“If we are looking at where Bitcoin is at now, Okung could be considered one of the highest salaried NFL players at this moment.”

“For instance, when BTC hit $44k, the half of his contract that is paid in BTC climbed to $10.59 million, at $56k+ his half turned into more than his entire quoted salary. As far as 2020 NFL salary stats are concerned, Okung has entered the top five position. However, the NFL has recently decided to cap the league’s salaries at $180 million and a ball player’s contract could change in 2021. Because the Carolina Panthers’ offensive tackle (OT) gets half of his salary in BTC, many proponents think of him as the highest-paid player in the NFL and not just ahead of the highest-paid OTs.”

“Money is more than currency; it’s power,” said Okung in a statement. “The way money is handled from creation to dissemination is part of that power. Getting paid in bitcoin is the first step of opting out of the corrupt, manipulated economy we all inhabit.”

“Okung went further into that statement adding: ‘When we are all paid in bitcoin, no one can tell us what to do with the value we create … In a post-fiat world, you won’t have to worry about your labor and time being stolen.”


Now that the NBA has a NFT and a blockchain advisory committee, I wanted to remind everyone that this happened. These are two very big organizations that are getting on board with crypto. We’re getting closer to mass adoption!

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  1. If this news doesn’t get other players in the NFL to try similar for the next year, I don’t know what will. And other sports players will surely consider asking for this in their leagues. This bull run isn’t over yet either, so he’ll definitely continue making the headlines over the next few months

    The only thing is, how will the others who join him cope during the eventual bear market. Okung will hold no problem I’m sure, considering he’s saying this lol:

    >In a post-fiat world

  2. >”In a post-fiat world, you won’t have to worry about your labor and time being stolen.”

    Legitimately based AF, comrade Okung holy shit ✊

    This is **OUR** Bitcoin.

  3. I’m confused. If he is getting weekly/biweekly/monthly checks? did they buy half his salaries worth of bitcoin first then decided to spread it out over the paychecks?

    He said he wanted half his $13 million dollar salary in bitcoin. Lets say he gets paid monthly. So $13 million divided by 2 is $6.5 mill. 6.5 million divided by 12 is 541,666. So he should be getting $541,666 worth of bitcoin a month.

    So lets say if bitcoin was at $20k when his contract was signed and he gets paid monthly. Would the NFL need to buy $6.5 million worth in bitcoin first then divide that amount by 12 and thats how much bitcoin he would get monthly?

    Or, is he just owed $541,666 worth of bitcoin every month at whatever the price of bitcoin is the day before he gets paid?

  4. Nba Top Shot showed , there is a huge opportunity for the teams and players in blockchain.

    He was very smart to get half of his salary in Bitcoin. Most probably the team paid the exchange fees also.

  5. The thing is that he didn’t actually get paid in Bitcoin. He got paid from the team in regular dollars but worked out a deal with the team to divert half of his paychecks to a service that used that money to buy Bitcoin on his behalf. The arrangement is not much different than investing half of his paycheck. Okung reportedly advocated to get paid in Bitcoin, but this was the best he could get so far.

  6. Let’s go Russell ! You caught the chances in your own hands and used them for your own good ! You’re definitely a smartass. Flex those biceps and those sweet BTCs too. ![gif](emote|btc2_emote|btc2)


  7. does Carolina actually pay him in BTC? Originally I heard they couldn’t do that according to NFL rules so they paid him cash like normal and he just put half his salary into BTC himself.

  8. I suppose this is good publicity for crypto, but it glosses over the reality that 100% of his salary is still figured in fiat currency. They just converted it for him before paying it, right?

    Like, they didn’t agree to pay him one million dollars plus 20 BTC per year (for example). Or did they?? Because if they did, that would amount to an annual increase of 50% or more, depending on the price. If he’s being paid out bitcoin over time, I hope the team bought it all at once. LOL

  9. Isnt he paid using strike? So hes still being paid in fiat just splitting where the money goes (one to his bank account and the other to strike).

    So hes not paid in btc at all. At least not technically. And half his salary is also not all in btc either because football contracts might as well be more complicated to understand than any crypto project out there lol

  10. Dont Understand why other Players think He is the hoghest paid Player in the NFL, i mean it makes No difference If U get the Money instantly converted by the NFL or do it by your own and buy Bitcoin with your salary. Every other Player got the Same opportunity



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