India Considers Changing Its Tune on Banning Bitcoin

India Considers Changing Its Tune on Banning Bitcoin

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  1. India has always struggled with Bitcoin and crypto currencies in recent years.

    It has always varied between banning and acceptance.

    What just happened in El Salvador will make a lot of people think and will have repercussions on a global level that many underestimate today.

  2. Crypto will have a great future and that’s why I don’t care at all about volatility, I trust my investment and I know that it will be worth a lot in some years.

  3. tldr; According to a local report, India has changed its stance on the proposed banning of cryptocurrencies. India will now look into classifying cryptocurrencies as an alternative asset class. The move comes just a day after El Salvador became the first nation in the world to adopt bitcoin as legal tender.

    *This summary is auto generated by a bot and not meant to replace reading the original article. As always, DYOR.*

  4. India law enforcement director has issued a show cause notice to india largest exchange Wazirx. Some of my mates are panic sellin since morning fearing it may get banned all together

  5. Imma write this in caps but
    WE NEVER BANNED CRYPTO THIS YEAR,(we did from 2018-2020), ban was overturned, regulatory commission was set up.
    Regulation commission wanted to ban crypto, the bill was never tabled in the Parliament (the bill is now outdated).
    Then banks started using a BS 2018 RBI circular to strong arm crypto investors cause bankers are assholes.
    RBI told them they couldn’t do that.
    People thought trading crypto was legal
    RBI clarified you could do it at your own risk, cause of them ‘scams’.
    A new commission that has less old fossils was set up for a regulatory bill to be tabled in the parliament in the near future
    Today, the Enforcement Directorate (kinda like the IRS, I guess) sent a showcause to WazirX, (an Indian Exchange) linked to Binance today claiming that Chinese Nationals used the exchange to send 57 crore worth of USDT to Binance.

    Everyone who made a reddit post about India banning/unbanning crypto, PLEASE get your facts straight.
    Thank you
    Love y’all

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