Indians are believed to hold around US $ 1.5 billion (around Rs 10,000 crore) in cryptocurrencies

Exit window likely for crypto holders, old transactions to be under scanner

The proposed legislation on cryptocurrencies which is likely to ban digital currencies is expected to provide an exit window to the existing crypto holders of private entities.

According to an official source, the proposed law will be prospective, even though declarations of holdings and transactions may be sought retrospectively. “The government is expected to provide an exit window to existing crypto holders in the event of an outright ban,” said a government official.

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  1. How many time these guys will write articles with same information month after month. While there is no actual development on ground.
    Govt Is busy getting their ass whopped by corona they don’t have time to think or make policy on this topic. Please stop posting these half backed article’s.

  2. I’m not surprised, considering how ahead of their time they are in other aspects of modern technology (scams are usually done by indians), I believe they’re really underrated for their intelligence



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