Influxo launches a collection featuring FIFA world player Ronaldinho


TL;DR Breakdown

• The Influxo auction will start with $20,000 in USDT.
• The creative agency promises an extra collection of low-cost sports cards with raffles.

Creative agency for non-fungible tokens, Influxo, launched a new FIFA-inspired NFT collection. In this project, the agency included cards from Ronaldinho, one of the most famous Brazilian soccer players of all time. This collection from the NFT creativity studio will be a one-time edition to gain a lot of value.

In the Influxo market, NFT collections are upmarket, so transactions to the agency are safe.

INFLUXO and its goals in the NFT market

The creative agency tries to serve as a bridge for influential users seeking to adopt NFTs. The Influxo team creates the best individual and collectible collections sold in an online auction.

In its first auction, the studio will show the “Ronaldinho” collection with unique pieces from the soccer star. Even some extra pieces will be auctioned on a date determined by the agency.

The Influxo CEO believes that his work and auction scheme are boosting the NFT market. The user can have a rewarding experience when adopting the exclusive virtual tokens.

NFT’s platform is reliable, and after its first auction, it will support that idea among customers. The Ronaldinho collection is just the beginning of the NFT auctions that Influxo wants to show users.

Ronaldinho himself, a professional soccer star, supports his NFT and says this reminded him of his childhood when he collected cards from his favorite players. The former Brazilian team midfielder concludes by saying that non-fungible tokens link the virtual world with the real one.

Ronaldinho fans can now buy an invaluable product that will remind them of the best moments of the soccer star. The virtual soccer cards and paintings will be an irreplaceable gem for soccer fans.

Soccer cards auction

At least seven soccer cards in NFT will be auctioned in the next few days from Influxo. Ronaldinho cards will have an initial value that exceeds 20.000 USDT.

The successful auctioneers will have the non-fungible token and will also meet Ronaldinho by 2022 in Dubai. The promotion includes a round trip to the Arab country, a luxurious dinner, and a date with the star Ronaldinho.

Each participant in the auction must prove that he has enough financial power in crypto before bidding and must have at least 10,000 USDT in their portfolio.

Non-fungible tokens on sports cards will also be auctioned for 299 USDT in a share transfer. This collection will consist of six cards and an extra launch token.

Bidders who have all the sports cards will also participate in the Ronaldinho meeting in Dubai. However, this NFT sports auction will not be for everyone.

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