Inner Mongolia to Shut Down Crypto Mining Industry

Inner Mongolia to Shut Down Crypto Mining Industry

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    >Inner Mongolia is known for inexpensive energy supplies and accounts for 8% of the global [bitcoin (BTC, +8.02%)]( mining hash rate, according to the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, per the report.


    >China’s National Development and Reform Commission previously criticized Inner Mongolia for failing to control energy consumption in 2019.
    >Chinese officials first came up with proposals to discourage cryptocurrency mining in Inner Mongolia as far back as 2018. Back in 2019, “illegal” bitcoin mining businesses faced a clampdown by authorities.

    ahh so it seems like they were forced and I wonder how this will effect the market


    also to those interested in [why china is doing this](

  2. tldr; Inner Mongolia, an autonomous region of China, is banning cryptocurrency mining. The region plans to force cryptocurrency mining projects to close by April, according to a draft plan posted online by the Inner Mongolia Development and Reform Commission. Inner Mongolia accounts for 8% of the global bitcoin mining hash rate.

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