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Impossible Finance has decided to enter into a strategic partnership with With a yearly premium cost set at 3.59% and an initial capacity worth $3.8m USD, Impossible Finance is now a part of the list at dApp. The Founder of, Oliver Xie, is looking forward to providing the asset holders of Impossible Finance with insurance coverage. The partnership will redefine the process of IDO and revolutionize the ecosystem of decentralized finance. has 60 protocols listed in the app, and it offers an increasing range of innovative insurance products and services.

Impossible Finance, the multi-chain swap, launchpad, and incubator platform, has decided to offer two types of insurance coverage in partnership with The first offer covers risks associated with smart contract execution. It protects assets that users deposit on the platform of Impossible Finance. With the help of the first insurance coverage, users will be able to purchase the smart contract and get it insured for the whole platform along with their financial transactions at Impossible Finance. The second category of insurance covers the risks associated with IDO events, and is the first platform to offer IDO event coverage in this domain.

Governed by veterans of Binance and the DeFi industry, Impossible Finance focuses on simplifying decentralized finance to make it more convenient for users to reap the benefits of higher income, cheap trading, and fair investment opportunities. The partnership between Impossible Finance and will drive the insurance sector in the DeFi ecosystem. is the second-largest insurance protocol for DeFi. Its token, $INSUR, operates on the main network of Ethereum. The decentralized insurance protocols of operate across eight blockchains or more to empower the infrastructure of risk protection of the DeFi community. The platform offers portfolio-based products of insurance at optimized prices to cut down on costs and gas fees.

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