Introducing Exclusible: Premium Marketplace for 3000 Luxury NFTs is the hottest new platform to join the NFT party. It’s a premium marketplace for minting and selling NFTs themed around luxury fashion, beauty, jewelry, watches, automotive, and similar accessories. 

Exclusible shares that vision of having community-based NFT platforms. Since the NFT market exploded earlier this year, we’ve seen a lot of community-based approaches in the marketplace. Collectors and fans are constantly inclined toward a specific genre of NFTs that appeals to their preference. We’ve seen NFTs with gaming, sports, entertainment, music, and celebrity themes. 

Now, Exclusible is creating a curated marketplace for fans and collectors of the Luxury industry. This will be an excellent opportunity for Luxury Brands to sell their NFTs to a community that’s genuinely passionate about this industry. 

Exclusible Alpha NFT drop

Exclusible is launching 3000 NFTs as a part of its Alpha NFT collection on October 22. Each NFT will cost 0.2 ETH and count as a membership card for accessing future luxury brands’ NFT drops. 

As a part of the metaverse vision, these 3000 NFTs will be 3D and AR compatible. You can transform your NFTs into immersive experiences and share them on popular social media networks like Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok. 

Exclusible values the enthusiasm and passion of the community. For that reason, the platform will be giving away an additional secret NFT to anyone who can collect 4 different Alpha NFTs. 

With the Alpha NFT drop, the company aims to head powerfully towards the launch of its minting platform next month. This fantastic opportunity will allow Luxury Brands to have their distinct marketplace for creating and selling digital assets to enthusiastic fans and collectors. 

Why is Exclusible a game-changer? 

Luxury product consumers make up almost 30% of the global retail industry. Exclusible’s ambitious project will create an opportunity for a large part of this market to enter the digital asset industry. 

Popular NFT platforms such as OpenSea don’t provide a separate marketplace for luxury brands. So, this is sidelining a massive community that actively wants to participate and grow this exciting industry. 

Exclusible is bringing a solution to this issue. The company has already raised €2.2M funding to launch its global luxury NFT platform. But there’s so much more to their vision. 

Exclusible’s vision is to take the NFT marketplace towards the metaverse through a strategic approach of creating exciting engagement for enthusiasts and collectors. What is the Metaverse? represents an evolution to our current internet web, where we’ll be moving from a 2D browsing environment to a 3D immersive environment. 

To achieve this vision, Exclusible enables the development of 3D NFTs ready for AR and VR. While 2D NFTs are just beautiful digital collectibles, 3D NFTs go further to visualize these digital collectibles using AR and VR technology. 

Introducing Exclusible: Premium Marketplace for 3000 Luxury NFTs 2

What does Exclusible offer? 

1. A premium e-retail platform for Luxury NFTs

Exclusible’s premium platform is divided into two sections, a minting platform and a marketplace. The minting platform offers a secure and convenient place for luxury brands to develop their own unique NFTs. They can create digital collectibles focusing on luxury products such as cars, fashion, watches, and jewelry. 

The secondary marketplace is for collectors and fans of the luxury industry. Exclusible is their community-based marketplace that sells authentic and certified NFTs. 

2. A community for collectors

Exclusible allows you access to a community where you can interact and share your enthusiasm with like-minded collectors. You can also stay on top of the latest news and NFT drops in the luxury industry. There’s already an Exclusible discord community where you can engage and interact with fellow collectors.  

3. Enabling better client engagement for brands

Being in a competitive industry, luxury brands always have to look out for better client engagement methods. Exclusible creates an opportunity for brands to create better engagement by rewarding their loyal customers through NFT utilities, such as pre-sale access, NFT launch event invitation, premium content, and much more. 

Meet the Exclusible Team 

Exclusible is continuously growing through its experienced and diverse team of skilled members. 

Our CEO, Thibault Launay, is a serial entrepreneur who’s a famous NFT collector and part of an NFT Hedge fund. Thibault is a Harvard Business School graduate, one of the elites in Forbes 30 under 30. He is also an advisor of 

Our technical sector is led by the CTO Artur Goulão, a blockchain enthusiast and Portuguese entrepreneur. Artur is also the founder of Utrust, one of the biggest and most popular payment gateway for cryptocurrency. Artur also has vast experience in the cybersecurity and fintech industries. 

The commercial side of Exclusible is led by Olivier Moingeon, our CCO. Oliver is the founder of “The Luxury Weekly,” a popular podcast that reviews the latest luxury trends and news. He has over 18 years of experience in the luxury industry. 

Exclusible FAQs

Introducing Exclusible: Premium Marketplace for 3000 Luxury NFTs 3

What is the Alpha NFT collection?  

The Alpha NFT collection is the key to joining the most wanted and exclusive luxury club giving private access and exciting surprises to future holders.  

The Alpha collection consists of 4 distinct NFTs with the same scarcity and utilities in 3D and AR, giving the possibility to play and move around our world! Collect the four Alphas and get Airdropped the 5th secret one, an extra surprise that will be the key to unlock incredible benefits.  

When is the launch?  

October 2021  

What is the max supply?  

3000 NFTs with random mint; Select the quantity you want and discover which one you snagged afterward    

What is the price?  

0.2 ETH  

How many Alphas can I buy?  

  • Whitelist – 1 per ETH wallet  
  • Public sale – 10 on each transaction  
  • Unlimited transactions per wallet  

What are the royalty fees on Alpha?  


Will there be any more Alphas from the same collection in the future?  

To make it short, no. Alpha collection is limited to 3000 NFTs and will always be unique and singular within our community.  

What about membership collections?  

Although Alpha is unique, it doesn’t mean it won’t have more membership collections; the possibilities are endless: They can go from luxury brands to priority access to future luxury brands’ NFT collections or physical giveaways along with events. Perhaps a private invitation to a unique club!

Introducing Exclusible: Premium Marketplace for 3000 Luxury NFTs 4

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