Introducing, the SPA-256

Introducing, the SPA-256

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  1. haha brilliant. people that fud about bitcoin using too much electricty don’t understand that bitcoins “waste” product is heat. but creative people like this can find other uses for the excess heat.

    for example the heat can be repurposed to power greenhouses:

    bitcoin is going to accelerate the green energy revolution – not ruin it.

    on top of that, bitcoin miners will increasingly become modular so that they can be deployed to remote areas like oil rigs to use flared gas to mine bitcoin or to inaccessible areas for hydroelectric or geothermal sources of energy.

  2. Another way bitcoin miners capture otherwise wasted energy is flare gas at oil rigs. It has to be burnt, as it’s a much worse greenhouse gas than CO2 they get by burning it, and it’s usually uneconomic to transport it to the market.

    So, there are entrepreneurs who install gas-powered generators and mining containers on-site, and mine bitcoins with free flare gas. Win-win!



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