Investment Bank Citi: Bitcoin Is ‘At the Tipping Point’

Investment Bank Citi: Bitcoin Is ‘At the Tipping Point’

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  1. Global investment bank Citi has released a report about the current and potential future status of [Bitcoin](, describing the cryptocurrency as the “North Star” of innovation. 

    The report makes several claims about Bitcoin’s potential. One of the most significant observations in the report is that—because an increasing number of businesses are accepting Bitcoin—the flagship cryptocurrency is already breaking into the mainstream. The report also states that Bitcoin’s base is markedly different from 2017, when Bitcoin was trading almost exclusively as a retail asset. 

  2. tldr; Citi has released a report on Bitcoin’s potential. The report says Bitcoin is becoming the de facto “North Star” of the digital asset space, with its trajectory being seen as a “compass for the evolution of the broader ecosystem.” Bitcoin may be the currency of choice for future international trade, the report adds.

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  3. Like we need a bank to inform us about crypto. These institutions are literally going to step in and the greater populace will think crypto came from the banks when it’s all said and done, smdh.



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