IOTA And Horizen Partner To Expand IOTA Oracles and Zendoo

IOTA And Horizen Partner To Expand IOTA Oracles and Zendoo

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  1. >With the successful development of Chrysalis, a large network upgrade scheduled for March, IOTA is now focusing on bridging different ecosystems with unique value propositions and valuable use cases.

    The most important part about this article in my opinion. Curious to see what players will co-operate and what possibilities this could give to the entire space.

  2. I see different posts about iota’s development and partnerships every day. These are all building up and people who trust this coin will be rewarded at some point. Maybe sooner than we expect.

  3. I like the projects of IOTA, in my opinion one of the most successful player out there. And it’s not about the value of the coin, it’s the way how they implement the technology in useful projects.

  4. Yah!!! Thats it iota!!! For me is the project that makes more sense in crypto!!!

    Maybe because the difficult of it things are taking more rime than what i imagined.

  5. I hold IOTA but don’t think this particular bit of news warrants the first page of r/cc. Crypto-crypto partnerships occur all the time. There will be plenty of worthy events this month

  6. crypto devs looking at those juicy bridges to feeless, instant, and scalable transactions.. top that off with a touch of smartcontracts and colored tokens and youve got yourself a 🏆

  7. I am a big fan and bagholder of ZEN. It is one of the few projects out of 2017 that actually made it. I am very excited about the future of zendoo side chains. My nodes are ready 💻



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