Iranian hodler here! I’ll be glad to answer any BTC/Crypto related question to Iran, also some weird facts going on here I’ll post them in the comments

Iranian hodler here! I’ll be glad to answer any BTC/Crypto related question to Iran, also some weird facts going on here I’ll post them in the comments

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  1. here are some interesting/weird facts going on here

    * the title is true the government “is” trying to bypass the sanctions with mining/crypto
    * but! that is reserved for some “wink, wink” individuals explanation: the crypto in Iran at the time of this post is in a gray zone (not fully legal not fully illegal per se) so you need a government-issued license to farm! and you “have to” tell them the amount of power usage you have with what miners you’ve got if you do them illegally your miners will get confiscated and fined any maybe jail time is probable
    * recently they declared public trading of cryptos including BTC is prohibited and are planning to ban our local exchanges as we are sanctioned we don’t have global payments to access global exchanges easily so you can see the problematic situation for us at the moment
    * the previous notion ( trading ban) will not be affected to the people that have the license “the wink-wink individuals if you know what I mean”
    * furthermore, there is a suggestion in our court that even if it’s to be legalized the funding should have to be in a government-issued wallet! (like that’s gonna happen! lol)
    * since we are sanctioned trading with likes of Binance is sanctioned as well from Binance and all Iranian traders “if” noticed will be banned (that as well isn’t stoping people trading with static IP VPN/VPS)
    * weirdly they unveiled a crypto-selling vending machine as well today! like make up your mind is it banned or not?!
    * also, mining is extremely profitable here due to cheap electricity and our low valued Fiat


    any further questions I’ll be happy to answer regarding BTC in Iran

  2. Thanks for this, it’s fascinating hearing how other countries are adopting (or trying to control!) bitcoin.

    What’s bitcoin adoption/awareness like over there amongst the general public?

    From the heavy handed legislation, it sounds like the government see it as a threat to the rial, rather than just something they can use to dodge sanctions.

  3. thanks for doing this, super interesting reading about the situation there from an iranian.

    i hope you and your loved ones stay safe and prosper πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

  4. Travelling to Iran has been one of my top wishes for my entire life. I just love your country.

    I am planning to travel all around Iran once the pandemic fades away. How broad is the acceptance there?
    Can I buy groceries with bitcoin everywhere? Do you have atms? Any info would be very interesting for me!

  5. The whole idea of cryptocurrency is to bypass the bureaucracy. We can all hope that Iran cleans up its act, but for now aren’t we leaving it to the free global economy to set the terms by which this nation can operate within the Bitcoin sphere. This is an opportunity to show the world what a universal currency can actually do, lets not waste it trying to ban any group from participating.

  6. From what I understood IRR is fast depreciating, BTC is currently impractical/impossible to use. You mentioned USD being accepted in most places. What do people generally use to keep the money they don’t spend on living? USD, BTC despite the hassle, something else?
    You’ve also mentioned pre-paid debit cards (MC, VISA). Are they available in Iran, or is this something that’d be brought from abroad and possibly sold at a premium in black markets?



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