Iranian police seize 7000 crypto computer miners in an abandoned factory


TL;DR Breakdown

• Crypto computer mining operations are suspended for four months, according to government orders.
• Iran is a cryptocurrency mining paradise; many companies in China use it.

Iranian authorities detained 7,000 computer miners at an illegal cryptocurrency station. For now, this is the biggest haul obtained by the Iranian police since the cryptocurrency market began. The authority defends itself by saying that the arrest could tie up the dots on power outages.

This pressure increases with the dry summer that also causes increased failures in the electronic sector. In late May, the Iranian government banned Bitcoin mining for nearly four months to avoid power outages. However, not all computer miner farms followed the rules.

Tehran Police Commander Hossein Rahimi pointed out that the 7,000 miners have been captured in a factory. These people did not respect the government’s conditions and have mined cryptocurrencies illegally.

How crypto computer miners work?

Bitcoin, like other cryptocurrencies, is created by a process called “mining,” in which they use powerful computers. Computer miners need to invest a lot of money out of their pocket to have this equipment. Besides that, they consume a good amount of electricity. Crypto miners have Iran as a “crypto haven” for mining Bitcoin.

According to an analysis by Blockchain Elliptic, at least 4.5% of all cryptocurrency mining occurs in the Iranian region. This occurs because the electricity payment is almost non-existent, so everything is profitable for the miner.

The country’s economy has also been affected from 2018 to the present by the United States sanctions. Most of the computer miners in Iran come from national companies that want to break free from these blocks. In this way, organizations can have virtual money and easily exchange it in dollars or other fiat currency.

Iran and its Bitcoin mining deal

Computer miners can work freely in the Iranian region because the government offers cheap energy plans. The central authority, however, requires the miner to sell his assets to the national bank. Even Tehran allows mined crypto to be used to pay for authorized goods.

This limitless crypto work proposition attracts companies from China to the Middle Eastern country. The energy generated to be used by mining equipment in the country is said to require at least 10 million barrels of oil per year. However, this corresponds to 4% of the exports that the Iranian region makes with crude.

The crypto market is legal in the region but under stringent conditions. Those involved in cryptocurrency mining will be placed on trial to determine their punishment.

The crypto mining suspension that the Iran government proposed is in half of its cycle, so mining is still not not allowed. Many companies with mining farms are out of operations until the central authority indicates that they can restart operations.

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