Is Binance Smart Chain centralised or decentralised? Lets find out. Someone deployed ‘Tanks Of Tienanmen” to BSC. Will Binance shut it down, or risk the wrath of China?

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Someone deployed this game tanks of tiananmen on the BSC blockchain. All discussion about the Tiananmen square massacre are banned in China, but now the game has been deployed on BSC.

> These lost TANKS accumulate under CZ’s leadership and once in every 20 transfers, CZ randomly sends his TANKs to one sender assuming the sender will support the pro democracy movement. So with every send you are playing a 1/20 dice to get a TANK load of TANKs.


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  1. CZ already mentioned that his block explorer has the right to censor this since the explorer itself is centralized. Just like Etherscan.

    It’s amazing that the cypher wars are upon us but this first blow will go unnoticed for now.

  2. Binance chain is centralized. The reason why they are able to have higher transactions vs lower fees is because when binance forked ETH, they basically gutted the decentralization benefits for cheaper fees.

  3. What’s stopping anyone from deploying some plainly illegal (not only in China, fuck China) stuff on any blockchain?

    And what reactions hould really there be?

    Like, a smart-contract on ETH that’s about white-people-supremacy and praising Hitler? Or a smart-contract for distributing CP?

    Shouldn’t there be a way for community to decide that some content is not allowed on the chain?

  4. Not sure why everyone is so bothered by BSC.

    Everyone know BSC and the projects on it are a copy paste of Ethereum.

    I ok with everyone defending ETH when CZ being shady for trying to stop ETH withdrawal.

    But the bigger picture is, are gonna go through all these again when other chains like ADA (if and when.) DOT, started to gain traction and popularity?

    I for one is confident with Ethereum team and the projects being build on it and can’t be bothered with copy cat centralised shit chain.

  5. You fucking people are idiots. Binance is already blocked in China, if anyone thinks this stupidity would be a proof that BSC is centralized they know nothing about this space.

    Binance owns 11 of the 21 nodes so there isnt any confusion as to whether it is centralized or not.

    Even if they didnt own 11 themselves what makes you think that the same cartel action that happened on EOS wont happen with them? They created nothing original themselves and simply copy+paste everything from the Ethereum community and centralize it.

  6. I’m on board with the idea of this but there is an obvious potential flaw no? CZ can just ignore it until people move on. Binance is not based in China anymore and is no friend to the CCP; there is no real pressure.

    Now I’m not encouraging illegal activities here, but if someone were to deploy something that breaks the law in most countries then CZ would be *forced* to remove it (since he can) and demonstrate the censorship issues inherant in centralised blockchains.

  7. You want to do some actual harm to BSC? Get ETH fees that rival BSC. Otherwise, nobody is really going to care. The crowds have spoken: fees matter waaaaaaaaaaaay more than decentralization.

    Crypto isn’t just cypherpunks anymore. A lot of things in life are centralized. People are used to it and for the most part, they don’t care. Especially when the alternative is decentralization but fees so high that the product is unviable unless you’re rich.

    CZ is Canadian and Binance is already banned in China. His parents were freaking exiled from the country. This whole thing is idiocy and seemingly based around the idea that anyone “Asian-looking” *must* be Chinese and bows to the PRC. Add in the slave tokens and all this really shows is how racist the ETH community is.

  8. CZ already said this issue will be dealt at thé ‘explorer level’ meaning they won’t delete it, but it won’t be accessible without the contract adress, i Guess.
    Which, yes, is a form of censorship.

  9. This seems kinda random and borderline racist, I was under the impression CZ grew up in Canada and Binance was Malta-based. I’m not sure how China would force any action here unless the nodes are operated in China…?

  10. CZ already saw it and he’s not doing anything about it. There’s no “risking the wrath of China” happening coz Binance is not in China. This is really dumb but you can add more censored stuff in China and tokenize it, CZ will retweet and still will not give a fuck. Make sure you repost this tomorrow so you can get your daily moons.

  11. Ethereum holders are just playing dirty. I also saw the other day there was one called slave finance featuring black people.

    This is getting too much by Ethereum holders. In order for the crypto space to be better than what it is now today, we need competition. We can’t just have one – Ethereum.

    Imagine without BSC, there won’t be an urgent need for the Ethereum devs to sort out the high gas fees issues. With BSC, it will keep the Ethereum devs on their toes, and keep advancing and making the crypto space better for the future.

  12. Well since we all already know it’s not decentralized, seems like it could backfire if Binance DOESN’T do anything about it. Binance fans would be able to point to it and say ‘see, by your own test, it’s been proved that it’s decentralized’. And, well, if the real point being made is ‘they take it down, they’re centralized, they don’t take it down, they’re still centralized’, then this is kinda just making light of an atrocity. Rather distasteful. Coulda been a xi jumping fucking Winnie the Pooh or something and would have the same effect



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